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AIFW DAY 5 Pearl Portfolio

Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes.”
– Diana Vreeland

Some quotes describe a situation better than anything else would. I felt the exact same way after I attended Day 5 of Amazon India Fashion Week (in association with Nexa Autumn Winter 2018) in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on 18th March. I had the extreme privilege to witness the PEARL PORTFOLIO- Future of Fashion, the massive event organized by PEARL ACADEMY in association with FDCI (Fashion Design Council of India) to showcase the talent of their graduating batch. This year they had over 400 students from across Delhi and Noida, including selected students from Mumbai and Jaipur, displaying their creations.

Pearl Academy is today widely acknowledged by the industry for preparing students with relevant practical and theoretical knowledge in various creative domains. The Academy offered this unique platform to its students, giving them an opportunity as huge as this. The official event was called PORTFOLIO, and I absolutely loved the theme- Future of Fashion. I was extremely intrigued by the scope such a theme presented and was not at all disappointed by the talent and creativity of the budding designers.

I was awed by the thematic inspiration each and every collection endorsed, coming from an individual interpretation of the theme and concepts. Every collection, I feel had a unique touch to it with a lot of thought behind every piece and its detailing. This year on Portfolio, these designers explored ideas of fashion sustainability, traditional Indian craft, fashion sub-culture, individual designing identity, which they synced with the dynamic nature of the ever-evolving fashion trends. I was mesmerized by the collection inspired by ‘The Black Swan’ created by the Final Year students of Fashion Styling and Image Design. The whole idea fused classic ballet with street play, combining issues of body positivity and gender.

I personally, also appreciated the script and direction of the collection based on the conceptualization of the topic ‘Fashion as a voice for Social Activism’, by two students from Fashion Media Communication. One could see the effort put behind choosing each fabric, form, and color, which went into the intricate details of the somber dance form climaxing with a contemporary breakout sequence.

Rajul Goldar, the winner of Max Design Awards 2017-18 for best ramp appeal, was seen promoting the non-cellulosic fabrics among consumers through his collection. His project signified inner beauty instead of the visible concept of beauty. Aiming to increase the demand for fabric which has been sourced from anything but trees, he designed his collection paying tribute to forests in his own way. I  loved the concept and the idea behind this. Kudos to the designer!

Pallavi Yadav emphasized the idea of Afterlife; re-using beloved old possessions and designing without waste, Her collection showed the journey of uniforms worn by people, but with a story! The process of designing without waste or with pre-loved things is what caught the eye of Pallavi Yadav. Her collection tells a story where the garment is deconstructed and subsequently adorned with zero water embellishments. Later I came to know that Pallavi has been chosen to represent India at a week-long Sustainable Fashion Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark by the United Nations. A remarkable achievement indeed!


Bold. Free, Independent of all norms. All these adjectives describe Damanjeet Singh’s work which is inspired by Tawaif – courtesans of the Mughal era. The luxurious collection showcased voluminous silhouettes, detailing with delicate intricacies and above all an example of fine craftsmanship. The designs were inclusive of drool-worthy in quality in terms of fabric and my personal favorite- surface ornamentation


An event of this magnitude saw big names from the fashion and designing industry, as well as media, educational institutes including featured writers from all domains. Deemed a big success Pearl Academy Portfolio 2018, boasted of the presence of esteemed celebrity guests who made encouraged this fashion revolution- Gunveen from Zara; Neelanjan Ghosh, Head designer at Tarun Tahiliani; Designers Rina Dhaka; Abhijeet Khanna; Nitin Bal Chauhan and Sunil Sethi, President FDCI.

As an influencer and fashion enthusiast, this opportunity to witness the new wave in the fashion industry, which was frankly exemplification of the genius was awe-inspiring and honestly, has me excited and intrigued in equal measure to witness the revolution which will come of it. I deem Amazon India Fashion Week a huge success!


Much love,


LGKarSalaam, An Initiative by LG to salute the spirit of the Indian soldiers

New Delhi, January 15, 2018: Nation’s consumer durable major, LG Electronics India celebrated the 69th Republic Year of the country, with the launch of the #KarSalaam initiative solely dedicated to the Indian soldiers.

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A Day At Jiva Ayurveda

As an Influencer, I feel it is my job as well as my interest to learn more about lifestyle and daily life tricks to share my experiences with my readers and followers.

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Travel made easy with EaseMyTrip

The holiday season is upon us and with it, each of us are neck-deep in plans and preparations for vacations. One concern that remains constant is the cost of traveling, booking the tickets and the stress of budgeting. The main objective of going on a trip or spending on a vacation is relaxing and indulging ourselves to some luxuries, imagine if the very reason of taking a trip becomes invalid if you spend more than your budget just in booking tickets to your desired destination or getting an unsatisfactory room after paying a hefty amount.

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Wedding Lookbook-III| Finding Fancy And Affordable Indian Wear

Indian wedding season, in my opinion, should be declared a season on its own. I mean, the clothes, the preparations and all the effort we put in getting ready, is like achieving a milestone.

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What is Obesity? How VLCC is helping to fight it?

All of us in the present generation are well aware of the word ‘obese’. Many of us face this health hazard and live with the consequences daily. ‘Obesity’ is defined by WHO as “abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health.” The recent years have seen an alarming growth in obesity and obesity-related issues worldwide.

The main cause of obesity is the difference between calories ingested and calories used. It is most commonly caused by a combination of excessive eating, lack of exercise, and in some cases- genetic makeup. In 2013, obesity was classified as a disease by the American Medical Association.

Speaking of India, obesity has expanded to newer levels in the 21st century, with morbid obesity affecting 5% of the country’s population. A large part of the cause is an increase in consumption of processed and canned junk food as well as an unhealthy living style. Lack of physical activity and dependency on technology are also largely responsible for the humongous increase in the rates of obesity.

Not only the weight gain, there are several other diseases and health problems owing to obesity, some of them include cardiovascular diseases, a strain on other organ systems, constant weakness and lethargy. All of this prevents a person from living a normal healthy lifestyle.

How to fight obesity
Credits: Shape Me

Obesity can be prevented and is a non-communicable disease. Some changes to lifestyle and eating habits can go a long way in preventing as well as improving health conditions as well as the effects of obesity.

VLCC is helping to fight obesity
Sources- VLCC

VLCC Health Care Limited is an Indian multinational organization, with its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana. It specializes in scientific weight management solutions, skin and hair care treatments, beauty services and personal care. A force to be reckoned with in India and abroad, VLCC offers weight management programs as well as beauty services. VLCC’s weight-management solutions boast of a unique “DNA-based weight management system” to cater to specific needs and requirements of every individual for customized weight loss programs or even personal care regimes.

VLCC has been a pioneer in promoting good health and spreading awareness about obesity and its adverse effects. It offers various services as well as health and dietary supplements to fight obesity and live a healthier lifestyle. In personal view, the best part about the organization and their services is their attention to each and every individual and any solution or program is offered based on detailed analysis of the individual, based on their needs and requirements.

A holistic approach is adopted against obesity and all the related ailments, at VLCC. From Yoga to internationally trained physiotherapists to a team of doctors under their ‘Get Well Soon’ specialized program call, a majority of the VLCC centers are fully equipped to tackle any problem faced by their clients during their journey to recovery. A range of Ayurveda Therapies is also offered in all its centers for the clients for services related to stress removal, detoxification, and beauty treatments in addition to natural and organic methods of weight loss.

The first positive step in the process of recovery is acknowledging the causes and effects of the problem you are facing and look for appropriate solutions. VLCC caters the needs of each and every individual with customized programs and solutions for the fastest and best results. It not only serves attention but also inspires to live a healthy life.

Stay tuned for more.


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Na-kd Haul

Hey guys, I know it has been a while, but I am back with a new blog and you are going to love this.
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