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​Head To Toe In Forever 21!​

It is a blessing if you have spent your years living in Delhi. You get to satiate your taste buds with the finger licking food Delhi streets have to offer. It is not just the food that Delhiites are proud of. The rich variety of clothing is also one of the main reasons why I would prefer Delhi over any other city.The exclusive presence of some of the best International brands has made it, even more, harder to resist picking shopping bags. I am glad my parents moved to the city before I was born. Or maybe they had this intuition that their daughter wouldn’t be able to survive any place other than here!Go back a few years, an international brand, Forever 21 opened its stores across Delhi and since then, it has never happened that I went to the mall and didn’t bring back the yellow bag of happiness!

Yes! Could you ask for anything more?

My wardrobe looks like a mini Forever 21 store, and nothing makes me happier than going to their outlet with my mom for some insane shopping!

For today’s look, I chose to wear Forever 21 from head to toe! There is a good chance that you will find some of the pieces I am wearing in the stores(if you choose to visit right now). I am wearing a black crop top (last seen here) with my printed shorts which have black design spots all over. Since both the crop top and the shorts are a perfect fit, I chose to layer them with an oversized coat. If you’re a little chubby (like me) and want to look lean and fit, you should always go for layering above the fitted clothes. Wearing them alone will only make you look bloated. I love the beige and olive green pairing as I feel they are related to each other and come from the same family of colors! Haha! I chose my grayish black boots to make the look more solid and a tote bag which is with me since my college days. I have applied a dark colored lipstick and done a little bit of lower eye makeup to bring more attention to my eyes for this bold and fierce look. What better hairstyle than curls to bring out the “sexy” in you! Right?
I have always believed that you are attracted towards a few pairs in your wardrobe and tend to take them out whenever you want easy and comfortable clothing. I have used some of my favorites here, so don’t be surprised if you see me wearing them more than just once. I can’t pay a heavy price of not repeating my favorite pieces just for the sake of being a Fashion ‘BLOGGER’!
Check out the pictures below-


Forever21 India

Forever 21 India

Forever 21 India

Forever 21

Forever 21 India

Forever 21 India

Forever 21 India


ALL FROM FOREVER 21 (Below are the approximate prices)

Black Crop Top- Rs.400

Animal Print Shorts- Rs.1000

Jacket- Rs.1700

Bag- Rs.1600

Boots- Rs.2100

Picture CourtesyShekhar Rawat


Hope you liked them, and I’m soon going to come up with many more interesting posts.
Stay tuned!




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