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I cannot explain how pleasantly surprised I am by our “khaamoshh” woman! She’s making me drool over her snapshots and a few outfits which she wore while promoting her power-packed movie Akira!

Metallics are undoubtedly the choice of the season. Go for any metallic cloth or an accessory to add a different story to your outfit and trust me it can never go wrong!  When it comes to styling and fashion, a lot of people in the world try to be in a safe place, wearing clothes that are tried and tested, which is the reason why a bold decision to wear a unique outfit impresses me. The outfit comprises of a combination of a a white shirt with metallic pants. She has barely worn any accessory except for a few silver bangles. I loved the front tie-up on those culottes, and how she has chosen the heels of the same tone. Smokey eyes are completely giving justice to the look, though they could have increased the intensity, but never mind! She looks more than just beautiful.

Is it possible if I talk about Sonakshi Sinha and miss out on the inspiration she gives me and to countless others towards a healthy and strong headed life? I have seen her pictures before she had entered the industry and I don’t think it is everybody’s cup of tea to completely transform themselves into this kind of hot living creature.

P.S. – I am going to try something of this kind real soon! 😉 So, do watch this space for more.

Sonakshi Sinha At Akira Promotions

Sonakshi Sinha at Akira Promotions
Picture Courtesy- India Forums


White Shirt | Metallic Pants | Silver Heels | Silver Bangles | Smokey Makeup | Nude Lipstick