I had to pinch myself twice when I heard THE NEWS which broke the internet. I might be a little late to cover this story on my blog, but if you are unaware, and living in your own world like me, you definitely got to check this out.

Myntra is already one of the leading e-commerce clothing platforms in India. And with their new policy of “try and buy”, they’re ready to break the stereotypes of your online shopping experience. The policy entails that if you have more than three items in your cart, you are eligible to apply for their “try and buy” service, where you can opt to try their products at the time of delivery and return them on the spot if you don’t like any of it.

I always had this skepticism towards online shopping, even after coming from a generation which chooses to buy groceries online than visiting a store which lies within their arms reach!

I think it’s a great step which will add towards a better online shopping experience. This will take all the worries of a customer related to any returning or refunding.

“Try and Buy is an important step towards offering consumers a hassle-free online shopping experience and encouraging more offline buyers to shop online. This new concept will open up online fashion to a whole new section of buyers,”

-Myntra co-founder Ashutosh Lawania.

I would love to see whether any of the other online portals will come up with something to match this incredibly “making shopping easy” policy.

Can’t wait to use it since #Forever21 is also available on #Myntra .

Stay tuned for more updates!