Wishing all the couples an amazing week ahead full of love and laughter. For those of you who’re happily single, consider pampering yourselves by shopping or just having a relaxing spa.

This is officially the time for lovers to rejuvenate their relationship, get back the lost spark by indulging in cheesy ways to express their love for each other. While our emotions are a primary thing which gets us hooked to a person but let’s not deny that it’s even better to be in love with someone who’s always dressed appropriately.

Physical attraction between the two is really important for a relationship to survive. Although I believe every woman is beautiful but what’s the harm in bringing out your best features with a bit of makeup or getting dressed according to your own body type. (None, right!)

Red is the symbol of love but people have made me realize how overrated the color is now! I’ve literally seen people wearing red from head to toe as if it’s not 14th February but 25th of December. (Apologies, if I sound judgemental)
Choose an “all red” ensemble only if you know you can carry it with all the charm and grace. Rather stay comfortable in any color outfit by adding hints of red for your valentine look and trust me he won’t be able to take his eyes off you.

I have chosen a striped jumpsuit which is quite versatile for both day and a night look. Stripes, if not lean, definitely makes you look taller than what you are. It is one of my favorite patterns of all times as it has the capabilities to make you stand out of the crowd even without going that extra mile to look different and quirky. It’s less chilly outside but you still need something to warm you up a bit. I have added a detachable fur hoodie from one of my long coats and added to this look as a neck warmer.

What better than a pair of red pumps and bold red lipstick to complete the look for your Valentines. I’ve kept my hair open because guys generally prefer their ladies in open hair and this time it’s about wooing your man, making him feel special rather than acting self-obsessed. Am I Right ladies?


Valentines Look

Valentines Look

Valentines Look


Valentines Look

Valentines Look

Valentines Look



Red Pumps- H&M (Rs.2700/-)

Rings- Westside (Rs.299/-)

Neck Warmer

Lipstick- Revlon (Rs.1199/-)


In the next post, I’ll be coming up with another special yet unique way to grab your man’s attention for this Valentines!

Stay tuned, till then!