Hi guys!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish you all the love and happiness in your respective relationships.

Today is quite a busy day for all the lovers around the world and it means a lot to me if you’ve taken time out of your busy schedule to check this blog post. While couples are going to enjoy love and their privacy, all the singles should be heading out on a date hunt rather than just sleeping in their blankets or watching Netflix.

In the last post, I wrote about how you can get party ready for your Valentine’s Day by keeping things minimal and adding hints of red to the outfit. Today’s look is more about appealing to emotions than just looking pretty in a fancy outfit. You might wonder how one can show her emotions through an outfit and make it special for her better half!

Let me help you with it..
It’s enchanting for guys when they see her wearing their t-shirts, or even shorts, for that matter. But I don’t believe in embarrassing him and myself by wearing an over-sized t-shirt and looking like a clown who has borrowed clothes for the night. Instead show them the sexy side of their own sweater or a t-shirt by placing a belt on the waist and giving it a more structured look. A proper usage of the belt will always enhance your curves and gives an impression of a better shape. I am wearing my brother’s belt which has a broad buckle to it but you try grabbing one from your boyfriend’s closet instead.

To accessorize, I have put on some silver rings and an earring in the middle of the sweater near my neck as an add-on to the outfit. Wearing a pair of stockings or shorts inside is a must, you definitely do not want any wardrobe malfunction on your “romantic” date. I have also added a black bindi to give this look a more feminine touch, you can do this any way you like it to make the look more personal to both of you. Finishing the look with a little bit of blushed pink face and a pair of crushed knee-length booties.


Valentine Day Look

What to Wear this Valentine's

What to wear this valentines day

Valentine Day Outfit

Valentine Day Outfit

Valentine Day Outfit


Sweater – Brother’s closet

Belt – Brother’s closet

Stockings – Local Market (Rs.300/-)

Knee-length Boots – Custom made shoes



Go and try this outfit and let me know if he likes the idea of you wearing his clothes on this special day!

See you soon! Till then, stay tuned!