I wasn’t feeling well since the past few days. Every time when the weather changes, it is inevitable for me to fall sick. Luckily, this shoot was done in a fine weather and I didn’t have to carry tissues or hop washrooms to take care of my running rose every now and then.

Besides the sick “me”, there’s another side of mine which is happy and cannot wait for springs to come. I can finally dress up without ‘n‘ number of layers, and not look like a giant fur ball anymore.

This look is a bit on a darker side giving gothic and intense vibes. Black has always been everyone’s favorite and I love to play with such mysterious color. Whether I am looking to neutralize other patterns in the look or just picking up an LBD for a party, this color never seizes to amaze me.

I have mixed two animal patterns here but at the same time, made sure that black stays in the limelight instead of the other two patterns. Black can never go wrong and it also gives a sense of power and confidence.

You can experiment two completely different patterns or colors, for that matter, but make sure you always find a common ground so they do not look odd. It shouldn’t be an assemblage of things that look nice individually. Each piece should be carefully crafted and curated to make sense of the whole. It should connect with the psychology of the look. I chose to wear a pair of crew length socks in black with nude gray boots so you can carry this look around even in chilly mornings and it also makes the black more prominent here.

The makeup is kept dramatic to go with the ensemble. I instantly grabbed this DOPE hat from a friend’s closet for this particular shoot and threw a black blazer on top.

Have a look at the pictures and do let me know what do you think of this one?


Goth Fashion

Goth Fashion

Goth FashionGoth FashionGoth Fashion

Goth Fashion

Goth Fashion


Shorts- Forever 21 (Last seen here)

Top- Splash


Hat- Friend’s Closet

Socks- Local Market

Booties- Call It Spring (Rs.4000 Approx.)

Bracelet- Sarojini Nagar (Rs.30/-)


Stay tuned!