6 Accessories that are ruling in 2017 in India

Accessories have been and will continue to remain a crucial part of dressing up. We tend to look out for them to add that extra sass to the outfit or even to tone down some of the looks with some delicate pieces.

All accessory does the same job but there are just times we are crushing over some particular pieces and realize it’s all over the place in no time. From sporting them on a celebrity to a friend next door, these are the pieces which have been ruling our hearts in 2017.

  1. Layered Necklace– This goes best with plunging necklines to give you the illusion of an elongated neck. You can get it personalized with your names and stars and whatnot. Unfortunately, I do not own even one of these.Layered necklace


  2. Hoops– The last I could remember the time that hoops were talked about was when I was in 8th or 9th grade (almost 8-9 years back). I was obsessed back then and nothing much has changed even today. I am glad to be reusing my old pieces for they are back in trend.Hoops
  3. Statement Belts– Earlier belts were used to cater to our basic need of holding up a pair of trousers. It was a need in the past times but today it’s much in vogue. They can be used with unstructured dresses/tops to give a nice body shape or to just compliment the idea of the whole outfit.Statement belts
  4. Chunky Sandals– They are “easy to-go” kinds which gives a nice grip to the foot and help you feel casual and be comfortable at the same time.Chunky sandals


  5. Vintage Sunglasses– Vintage fashion is everybody’s favorite and so is mine. From round to cat-eye and oval to over-sized and so on, we can’t just let go of these styles. We might have taken halts with some see-through or round sunglasses for now but the search is never ending for those perfect retro pair.Vintage sunglasses

  6. Statement Earrings– Why we call some earrings the statement earrings is that they have the potential to make an impact with even the dullest of outfits. These can be used to give that extra jazz to single-toned, basics or monochrome pieces.Statement earrings

Let me know in the comments below if you’re obsessed with any of these too.

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