6 Months Anniversary!

Yayy! It is very evident from the title why I started this post with a yay!! We’ve completed six months as of today!
And more than anybody or anything in this world, you all have been my encouraging force to post regularly on my blog and other social networking platforms.

I am certainly not a person who celebrates monthly anniversaries, but you guys have been showering me with so much love and support that it would be unfair if I do not dedicate this post to each one of you for being there, reading all the crazy or sometimes meaningful stuff which I have been posting all this while.

Let me take this opportunity to debunk any myths or any misinformation that any of you might have about blogging or choosing to blog as a career.

To start with, blogging is not easy as it looks to be. I know some of you might think of it as a platform for having fun shoots, attending fancy events, and of course getting the freebies! Yes, it is all those things, but that is only the tip of the iceberg, visible to all. The struggles in this career are as real as in any of the other careers. And I speak for myself here, when I say that the struggles are more compared to any other conventional job. It’s a real pain in the ass to assure people in your own family that this could be chosen as a career. Honestly, it’s a chance to enter the world where you’re happy waking up at 5 in the morning for photo shoots, or where you have to keep yourself awake at night to write a post and publish it the next morning. From getting the best photographers (which I have been blessed with) to trusting yourself to be as famous as Chiara Ferragni (we’re all allowed to dream, right?).

All I want for myself right now is to make a little space in your hearts and set an example for my family (even in the whole damn world) so that they can be comfortable with this profession as they would be when someone chooses to be an Engineer or a Management professional.

I do feel that my thankyou(s) on Instagram might look general but trust me when I say that any positive comment that I receive brings a big smile on my face. As we step forward in this journey of many more anniversaries to come, I promise that I would never let you down. Your support has made me come this far, and I am sincerely grateful for all of that.

The Fabric fad completes six months

The Fabric Fad completes Six Months

The Fabric Fad completes Six Months

The Fabric Fad completes six months

The Fabric fad completes six months

Thanks a lot.



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