A solution to dryness and dullness of your hair

Be it any weather, personal grooming and care should always be a part of your routine. Hair care is one of the most important parts of this regime and is also one of the most neglected on our part.

For healthy and damage-free tresses, one has to put in the effort for sure. Did you guys know, that hair is also prone to aging, and loses its youthful texture over time, sometimes faster than your skin! From greasy, oily hair to dullness and dryness, your beautiful mane needs to care all the way from your roots to your tips to prevent premature aging.

Oiling is not the answer (always)

Speaking from a personal point of view, not every hair related problem can be solved by oiling. More often than not, using the wrong oil or oiling, in general, is the cause of more damage than good. The root cause of hair damage, that is, hair aging, always takes a back seat in our haircare regime, as we fail to provide the right kind of nourishment for the younger and healthier looking hair we all desire.

This is the answer

Having long hair myself, I am very particular about what products I apply to it and how those affect my hair. I came across Mitchell USA Day + Night Hair Tonic, which is specifically designed to revitalize hair follicles and aims at providing protection for your hair from all kinds of damages that are caused by aging of hair owing to time and its constant exposure to pollution that speeds up the damage. The Day + Night Tonic comes in a pack of two bottles of 100ml each. This pack of two hair tonics is a part of Mitchell USA’s Ageless product range that mainly caters to skincare and hair care issues caused by aging.

Coming to the products at hand- the Day Hair Tonic is specified for ‘shaft vitalization’, that is, treatment for the length of your hair. It is infused with Argan oil, Coconut oil, Wheatgerm oil and Babassu Oil in a non-sticky formula combined with Sacred Lotus Seed extracts, which is the key ingredient in providing nourishment to attain youthful and damage-free hair. It also has SPF that protects against damage caused by the sun that speeds up the aging process. You can apply it before styling your hair, all along the complete length of your hair. Basically how you would use a hair serum.

The Night Hair Tonic is specifically made for scalp nourishment. The tonic works as we sleep to rejuvenate hair follicles and work at the roots of your hair to reverse aging of hair. With nourishing extracts of Calendula, Pea Sprout and grapes, it helps re-energize your hair and reduce hair fall within 7 days, that is caused by weakness in hair that comes with aged hair. The Night Hair Tonic is to be applied liberally and massaged into the scalp for it to seep in and treat your hair at the base of the problem to give you a youthful, healthy mane.


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Both these Hair Tonics aim to provide nourishment to your hair all day and work through the night as well, to prevent aging hair and maintain silky, damage-free and healthy hair. Mitchell Anti-Ageing is Tonic which treats the scalp by night and the shaft by day, to combat hair fall and frizziness of the hair texture. This water-based tonic treatment arrests hair fall within 7 days with the wonder of Lotus seed extracts and helps to reduce frizziness and leaves the hair silky and tangle free.

Hair maintenance does not need to be a very elaborate process but it needs to be effective and a versatile product like the Day + Night Hair Tonic is something that can be easily utilized on a regular basis. With medicinal properties and ingredients specifically added to prevent hair from aging and reverse any damage already caused, the tonics are in a non-sticky base that makes it fit for use all through the day without the fear of it looking oily or in need of a wash. And we all know, how inconvenient that is!

The brand Mitchell USA is unique in its approach towards personal care, as it combines the needs of the Indian sensibility with the proficiency of American Laboratories. Their products range from skincare to hair care, all of which are designed to meet the desired needs of the user. Taking special care to incorporate the demands of Indian skin and hair quality, the products it puts out are customized to be used as per importance.

I would definitely recommend you to check out their products and give the Day + Night Hair Tonic a go. It might end up being your Holy Grail for amazing hair all year round.
Also, let me know if you’ve used any of their product.


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