Best Place To Live In Delhi

The capital of India and the second most populated city, Delhi, has become extremely congested. And besides all this information, not all the areas can offer you a comfortable living.

We might get enchanted by the crowd and liveliness of a place for some time but when it comes to building a home for a lifetime, we tend to look at a place which can offer the basic amenities with some peace of mind.

I have lived in so many places in the city and couldn’t find more peace and comfort in any other place than Dwarka. It is a sub-city located in the South-West region of Delhi, very close to the airport and at a fine distance from Central and South Delhi.

best place to live in Delhi




Here’s a list of pros and cons which you must consider before shifting to Dwarka-


  1. Go Green- You’ll find trees and plantations at roadsides, various parks for the children to play and walk around.
  2. Well-planned Sub-City- All of Dwarka is structured and well-planned with all the basic amenities accounted for.
  3. Less traffic- The traffic in Dwarka unlike any other area in Delhi is always under control. The simple reason to the hassle-free experience is the wide roads and the way the sub-city has been planned and constructed in the early times.
  4. Connectivity- Dwarka is well connected by Delhi Metro and for the inside, one can also hop on a rickshaw and go to the nearby markets and places.
  5. Supply Of Water And Electricity- There is an uninterrupted supply of water and electricity all the year.
  6. Proximity to Schools, Markets, and Colleges- If you are living in Dwarka, your home will have access to almost a school, a basic market in a periphery of 100m.
  7. Security – There was a time when safety in Dwarka was maybe a concern, but in the past two or three years, there are close to no complaints by Dwarkavalas.
  8. Historic Presence – Dwarka, or previously known as Pappankala was a rural area consisting of five large villages. While much of the Dwarka is unknown to historical books, ASI (Architectural Survey of India) recently found a baoli, which could date back to the Mughal era.


  1. Restricted Home Space- To transform your ideas of an ideal home into reality is everyone’s legit dream. It’s so satisfactory how one can put up different floors to their bungalow/house and make it as big as they want. Apartments do restrict you to the area and one also has to abide by all the rules the management decides for all the individuals altogether.
  2. Earthquake Prone- Dwarka is full of residential apartments and DDAs which are 15 years old now and 4 to 15 floors tall. Although they are Earthquake resistant structures yet the damage can be massive if the epicenter falls anywhere around.
  3. No movie theatres- This might look absurd but it is quite a big deal for some movie lovers out there. It doesn’t mean that there are no movie theatres at all nearby. You can find the nearest at a distance of 6-10kms.
  4. Isolated- It is at the one extreme corner of the city. You might feel the pressure of traveling from one place to any other in the city.

Let me know if you find any other place in Delhi providing equal or more facilities/comfort in the comments section below.

I’ll be back soon.

Till then, stay tuned!