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How can anything possibly go wrong when your whole family is beside you for everything that you could possibly need. Be it, providing the moral support to follow your dreams or in helping out with outfits for the blog’s photo shoot. All the encouragement that I am getting is enough to drive me to work even harder to achieve the goals I have set for myself. This shoot was a special one since it was the first time I went on a shoot outside Delhi and if you’re following me on any social media, you might already know that I was in Dehradun for the past couple of days. Visiting the place where I completed my secondary schooling was the reason why my excitement had no bounds.

To sum up – I stayed at my Masi’s (aunt) place, spent a wondrous time with my sister, met my school mates and did this shoot! Oh, Lord! Thank you.

For this, I picked out a lot of stuff from my Masi’s closet. She has such a good taste in clothing and accessories that she could have been a star blogger of her times. Anyway, she is good to help me in becoming one! 😉 

For this shoot, I have used two blouses, the black one as the inside top and the pink one as a jacket because of its sleeves and the bright color it gives to my overall look. Earlier, blouses were meant to be paired with sarees  but this is not the time to live with all the conventional thoughts and styles we have adapted to. Going with something different, I chose to pair them with a black harem pant which has elastics on the waist and at the bottoms. (Well, that’s how harems are, right!)

If you notice carefully, this is my first post where I have used a range of accessories for my shoot. I have picked quite decent and plain clothes so I could accessorise them with a lot of oxidised silver which has been in trend for ages and I hope it never goes out. I have used my Nani’s anklet as a necklace here which is by far the most beautiful anklet I have ever seen. I picked out a blue-beige ankle strap flats which have tassels at the back to give a more casual and wearable look. I was really excited to try the septum ring as it was the first time I was wearing something on my nose and turns out it doesn’t look bad on me. What do you think of it? (Let me know!) I finally completed the look with a few rings and a little bold makeup than what I do on my usual days!
Have a look at the pictures below 😉



gypsy woman

gypsy woman

Tassled flats





Blouses – Masi’s Closet

Harem Pant- Sarojini Nagar (Rs.300/-)

Flats- Westside (Rs.1100/-)

Anklet As Necklace- Masi’s Closet

Long Chain- Westside (Rs.300/-)

Silver Bracelet- Masi’s Closet

Rings- Forever 21 (Rs.329/-)

Toe Ring As Septum Ring – Masi’s Closet

Photography CreditsRuchika Basera

P.S. Did you notice my hairstyle? Haha! I would take zero credits for that, all thanks to this woman who makes as amazing hairstyles as she clicks pictures! 😉

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