Bubble Trouble

“Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.”

I did not even dream of a time where I wouldn’t need my mom to shout and scream at me for hours so that I get up in the morning. Now I understand what she means by “self-realization”, how she often says that if you care about something (usually she means studies and exams and blah blah!) you won’t need an alarm to wake you up the next day.

All you have to ask yourself is,

-Where does your passion lie?”
-Are you really happy doing what you’re currently pursuing?
-Even if you aren’t the best at what you want to be, are you happy to try?
-Will doing it give you the satisfaction which you’ve been trying to find all your life? 

 And if the answer is yes! Don’t even think for a minute and just go for it. Because you’ve got one life and you gotta follow your heart. At present, I do not know where I am heading to, but I can only hope that I am onto the right direction.

Let’s start with the post, where I am wearing a bubble skirt (Brand-Zabel) which I had received from Flyobe a few days back. Since the colors and the print are quite bold itself, I paired it with a formal white shirt instead of using a yellow or green color spaghetti/crop top (how we girls usually pair it like! 😛 ). To me, the skirt and the shirt represent complex and simple things, respectively. The skirt is part of a design brilliantly composed with lines, shapes, patterns and colors that associate with the complexity of emotions in our life. Whereas, the shirt is plain white representing simplicity and minimalism. Just how life is simple and complex moments, this balance is well maintained in the look. The skirt takes off the formal look from the shirt, and the shirt keeps simplicity at its bay. 

I would prefer this outfit on a day outing over a night out since I’ve paired it with white sneakers but in case you choose to carry this outfit around at night, grab a nude shade pumps and you’re ready to go. I have tied up my hair in a ponytail / top bun and I would suggest you to do the same. Opening your hair with this outfit will make the white shirt a less visible taking away the charm it adds to the look. To bring out the yellow in the skirt, I have accessorized the look with a copper neckpiece, dangle earrings and a pair of reflectors.

Let’s have a look at the pictures! 😉

_91B6370 copy

_91B6332 (1) copy


_91B6294 copy

_91B6429 (6)

_91B6297 (2) copy

_91B6382 (1) copy


White Formal Shirt- Local Shop (Rs.800/-)

Bubble Skirt- Zabel

White Sneakers- Zara (Rs.2200/- Approx.)

Neck chain- Sarojini Nagar (Rs.30/-)

Dangle earrings- Forever 21 (Rs.300/-)

Aviators- Paytm (Rs.100/-)

Photography CreditsShekhar Rawat

Stay tuned!



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