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Two Ways To Rock Floral Prints In The Night

You know how much I love Floral. Well, I won’t claim that I am the only one who’s obsessed with it but I am sure a lot many people out there must be as crazy as I.

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Things You Need To Know About Your Accessories!

It’s our choices that make us the person we truly are. I am clearly not a loud makeup or accessory person. You must have noticed me endorsing minimalism most of the times through my choices or the looks I prefer to use for my blog.

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How To Walk In Style And Feel More Confident Than Ever!

No better season than this to get your fun colors out and let them shine in the sun. While winters are all about deep and vivid colors, summers are bright, striking and a bit crazy.

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How to use Silk in your regular casual wear?

Hey, guys!

Summers are already at its peak and I can’t really think of dressing fancy for running errands during this time.

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My Pastel picks for the season!

“Blouses are only supposed to be worn with sarees”. If you go by this sentence, clearly you’re going to change your mindset after reading this blog post. Today’s fashion isn’t about sticking to orthodox methods, rather it’s about experimenting and digging out the best one from the lot to match our creative souls.

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Trending |How to style Junk Jewelry?

Hey, guys!

This month has been terrible. I am literally pissed with Instagram for they are making work nearly impossible.

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Unleash the Designer In You!


“If loving shoes is a crime…
I’m looking at life without parole”

-Brian Atwood

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Transformation from an Indian to Indo-Western Look

Starting out with a throwback picture from the Wedding Lookbook Part- II today.

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Embracing Pastels!

Hi Guys!

The past two weeks were by far one of the craziest ones! I traveled to South India, which is one of my least explored parts of our country.

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