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Launch of InFocus’s Snap 4 and Turbo 5Plus End the Smartphone Search for Indians

Confused about what new smartphone to buy? Stop right there!

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Top 5 Photographers For Your Wedding Day

A wedding is every girl’s dream and I am no different. Although I am nowhere close to getting married but exploring and discovering innovative ideas for the day is nearly as exciting.

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One Stop Solution To Plan Your Dream Wedding

We have grown up playing wedding games and faking wedding vows for our plastic dolls since childhood. It feels surreal thinking that someday the game that I played will become real and I will have to live my entire life by it.

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Hotels To Stay In Pondicherry

Thank you for the phenomenal response to my Pondicherry travel post. This one’s an extension of the previous post where I am going to be sharing three hotels which are pocket-friendly and you might just love the interiors and food and basically everything like I did.

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Tips and Tricks for a Happy and Safe Holi

F A M I L Y!

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How Axis Bank is helping you fight Demonetisation

There’s so much happening in the country that we all are unintendedly a part of. With the events that unfolded on 8th Nov, a lot of things have changed. Our Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi announced that high-value currency of 500 and 1000 would cease to be legal tender.

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The Indian Luxury Expo

After attending The Indian Luxury Expo, all I wish for myself is to work to an extent where shopping at an expo is as easy in the pockets as it is while shopping at a regular mall.

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My Experience With Woo App

Gone are the times when marriages were proposed by parents and blindly accepted by their children.
Gone are the times when “dating” was an alien word.
Gone are the times when people said, “a girl and a boy can never be friends”! 

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