For some time now, I have been feeling confident about the things which matter the most to me. I am witnessing the new and the stronger side of myself these days. But at times, I also wonder if I have been doing everything right or not! Or is everything meant to be done right every time?

Do you guys also have a confused soul like mine? At one moment, I am convincing myself with all the positive thoughts while doubting myself during the next! Umm.. I think the decisions are moreover about the perspectives you see.

Also, I would like to apologise for being irregular on my blog these days.. But, I am going to make sure this never happens again, not even during the time of festivals! A couple of days back, our country celebrated its 70th year of Independence! I feel proud and empowered to live in a country where I am free to choose the way I live and wear the kind of clothes I want. Though, there will always be perverts lurking and orthodox people judging me, but who cares? (At least I don’t)

Today’s post is all about the free choices we are allowed to make since I have already mentioned there are and should be no rules in Fashion. To take this Fashion mantra to the next level, I have used my brother’s v-neck as a skirt for this post. I tied the lower portion in a knot to give a nice shape so it doesn’t really look like a t-shirt hanging on my waist. I have placed the sleeves inside to give the illusion of pockets on both the sides. Don’t we just drool over the dresses which have pockets on them?

I always knew that the combination of mustard yellow with olive green would be overwhelmingly impressive. Both of these colors dazzles in the eyes and are a perfect wear for your gloomy days! I paired this attire with my most versatile brown heels (last seen here) , and a beaded clutch (last seen here) which gives this fresh and outgoing look a subtle finish. You don’t have to wear jhumkas or necklaces with it, I think just a  handband and a bun would do wonders. (as seen below)


Forever21 India
Forever 21 India
Wearing Forever21 v neck as skirt
Details of the outfit
Forever 21 India
Forever 21 India
Forever 21 India


Crop Top – Forever21 (Rs.800/- )
V-neck As Skirt – 21 Men (The male clothing line of Forever 21) (Rs.300/-)
Brown Heels – Call It Spring (Rs.3899/-)
Clutch – Sarojini Nagar (Rs.350/-)
Lipstick – Revlon HD Passion (Rs.1200/-)


P.S. – Wishing all of us a very happy 70th year of Independence and much happier and free lives all across the globe. Let’s make the most of our freedom and make a move towards a better future.
I will be back with more interesting posts.
Till then, stay tuned!


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