Cracking the stripes code

Stripes are probably the only pattern, that if worn in the right manner can accentuate the features you want to highlight and give off that desirable look you wanted all along. You can give an impression of a taller and leaner self by using vertical stripes or portray a broader version of yourself by pairing it with the horizontal ones.

Since, I am already short and healthy (sob! sob!), I see no other option than to go with the former.

Today, I am going to flaunt away the three looks I curated using a vertical stripe over-sized shirt which I bought from a local market at an extremely low price. (Well! Keep guessing the price until you reach the last section of this blog post).

Oversized clothes give you room to play, to experiment, and the chance to get creative. Need I say any more about my love for oversized clothes? These extra lengths of fabric let me embark on a fashion exploration of my own. Only by experimenting can one realize that there’s so much that can be done with an oversized dress or any piece of clothing for that matter. The possibilities will seem endless once you start playing around with it. Here are the three that I have selected for this post.

Let’s get on with the first look, and then onto others.

Look 1: A DRESS

This shirt dress is a comfortable and perfect pick for a day outing. I have accessorized it with a belt to give my body the right shape so that I do not look like a straight cylinder walking in the streets. I chose to wear the bangles of different colors and don a bag which has mirror detailing and pom poms to give this outfit a bright and colorful side. Kohlapuris are always a nice choice to give your outfit the Indian touch! 😉


Stripe Shirt Dress

Stripe Shirt Dress

Stripe Shirt Dress

Look 2: A CAPE

The Cape is one of my favorite pieces to go when layering your clothes. It does have that “superwoman feel” about it, but all it takes is a superwoman’s confidence to carry it. I have chosen to go with the monotones of black and white to complete this look because of my love for the basics. And we should do what we love. Right? I have already donned this look at an evening in Club BW. So rest assured girls, you can absolutely go ahead with it.


Stripe Cape

Stripe Cape

Stripe Cape

Look 3: A SHIRT

This is rather a transformation of an oversized shirt to a knotted one. It looks completely badass and I have been told that I look like a street smart rugged brat in this outfit. To give off this vibe (or as Lisa Hayden says ‘vatavaran’), I paired it with a blue denim shorts and black boots. I sported a top bun and wore big earrings, to complete the recipe of this badass girl look.


Stripe Shirt

Stripe ShirtStripe Shirt


Look 1

Bag – Maxx

Kohlapuri – A Random Stall

Look 2

Bralette – Forever 21

Skirt – Zara

Necklace – Sarojini Nagar

Look 3

Shorts – Forever 21

Boots – Forever 21

Striped Shirt – Sarojini Nagar (Rs. 30/-) (SURPRISED?? Do let me know in the comments below!)


See you guys soon in the next post.

Till then, Stay tuned!



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