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Today, I would be sharing some of the MUST-HAVE skirts which might not be in our wardrobe but we always have the option to shop! Right?

Must-Have is a perfect phrase to give yourself another reason to go and shop yet again. It sounds challenging to our wardrobe if we do not have those despite our wardrobe brimful of clothes. Skirts have always been a good option for a formal as well as for any casual day. You can also wear the right kind of a skirt to an evening full of wine and cheese.

Starting with-

    Our childhood has been full of fairies and Cinderella and tulle. We have always loved those pretty wedding gowns full of tulle but still haven’t cared enough to buy them. They look so dreamy that you shouldn’t consider any parameters for this one of a kind skirt. No matter how fat or thin you are, it’s in the trend and would make you look absolutely stunning.
    tulle skirt
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  2. Skater Skirt
    I love skater skirts and dresses. They give more attention to your waist and makes you look slimmer and fitter. This goes better on girls with a short height( At least, we have something to take care of ourselves!) and gives a sporty yet a chic look.
    skater skirt
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  3. Skort Skirts
    An extra piece of fabric is attached to the front to give an illusion of a skirt but these are basically shorts from inside. Hence, these are more comfortable to wear and you can sport these at any casual event.skort skirt
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  4. Pleated Skirt
    Personally, these pleated skirts give me boho feels and very rich look at the same time. These look better on tall, rather than short height girls. (sob! sob!) But my height cannot stop me at all from wearing this, trust me! I need to give myself more reasons than just one.pleated skirt
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  5. Pencil Skirt
    These are strictly for toned bodies (unlike mine!) and it makes you look taller and slimmer giving you joyous moments to show off your toned ass. This is the best pick to head for any corporate event or a party considering the design and the fabric.pencil skirt
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  6. Maxi Skirt
    These skirts are the most comfortable ones you’ll ever witness in your entire life. They are loose, long , flowy and best suitable for tall women. These can be worn on casual days with a t-shirt or a crop top . You can also pair them with a halter and a cardigan in semi-winters.maxi skirt
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  7. Denim Skirts
    Though I am not a fan of Denim skirts but I also cannot deny the fact that they can never go out of fashion. Denim has been in trend since they were introduced in the market till date. They are more preferred in winters due to its cloth and would look good in a woman of any shape and height. You can wear it with a shirt or a polo neck t-shirt for a casual day out.denim skirt
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  8. High-Low Skirts
    These are also known as Asymmetrical skirts. As you can take it from the name they are short from one side and longer on the other. They would look gorgeous with a pair of boots and a denim shirt maybe! 😉 It’s a good pick for healthy and thin women both.high-low skirt
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I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you. Do leave your comments in the section below for any suggestion or anything specific you would like me to post in the future. Happy to help!

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