Easy and October Favorite- Hairstyle

It’s been a few months since I realized the importance of a decent hairstyle complementing an outfit or an occasion. Trust me I was someone who used to tie up her hair and never give a damn about them. I believed in messy, not the kind of messy you see in tutorials but the real messy!

Though not much has changed, but I have begun experimenting different hairstyles to suit my outfits and give them a fresh look.

If you’re following me on Snapchat (Username- thefabricfad), you might already know what’s my current favorite. Don’t tell me you’re already bored of seeing it! Haha Never mind!
It’s simple, presentable and makes you look pretty. (Really!) Also, it’s a few minutes job.

Step 1: Part your hair from the middle and comb them nicely. Don’t forget to keep a few tic-tack by your side because you would need them to tie your hair in the end.
Easy and Favorite Hairstyle

Step 2: Make a horizontal partition in the front at both the sides.

Step 3: Roll the front flick like I have shown in the picture below.

Step 4: Press down the other parts of your hair and fix the front flick with the tic tacs over them.

Guess what! You’re ready to go!
Easy and favorite Hairstyle

Easy and Favorite Hairstyle


A few posts like these and some even better are on their way!

Stay tuned!



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