Fancy Stripes!

“You can get these pants in a jail for free!”

These were literally the words of my mother while  I was purchasing them. Can we say that the jail authority knew about the trend way before all of us did? Duh!

Weird right? I was never comfortable wearing palazzos or culottes probably because of my height, but this just stole my heart at first sight!

Stripes are so in these days, I thought why not share the idea on how would I team up the black and white to give it a color and make the look edgy and stylish. These are made of cotton with the perfect length and the right amount of flare. The best thing is that it has pockets on  the front and a little one at the back. I have paired these striped culottes with a black bralette and wore a silk neckerchief around. Wearing a black heel would be too mainstream,  so  I have paired the look with my heels which has a green color stripe and to my surprise, it complimented really well with the whole attire. The idea was to mix and show the variation in colors which you could pair up with the basics.

With it, I have used my black sling bag as a little hand wallet/bag putting the chains inside  and completed my look with a perfect red-colored lip shade.

Thanks to the scorching heat in Delhi which nearly spoiled my flicks and the fishtail I tried.














In case you want to go easy and comfortable, wear your comfy flats and black choker necklace,  show off your beautiful hair, while you’re ready to go! Also, I would love to know how would you pair up these culottes, so comment below your idea or maybe you could share a picture with me on my Instagram handle.


Bralette- Forever 21 (Rs.269/-)

Heels- Call It Spring (Approx. Rs.3,200/-)

Silk Neckerchief- Stitched By My Mom

Culottes- Forever 21 (Rs 1300/-)

Lip Shade- Revlon HD Passion (Rs. 1195/-)

Bag- Forever 21 (Rs.1300/-)

Photography Credits- Ruchika Basera


Stay tuned, Stay sexy!



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