Five Things That Can Make Your Winter Outfit Edgy

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In a previous post like this, I told you five things which must be in your wardrobe during the Winter season. Today I will be sharing five other things which can take one of your unadorned look to just another level.

More than grabbing the compliments and attention, looking pretty while wearing trend-setting clothes is a way for me to boost up my confidence. I am sure it’s not only me but many of you guys out there don’t dress up to impress people, but for boosting their self-confidence and for the sake of self-love. Winters are the best time to layer yourself under furs and the softest fabrics possible.

Without further wasting your time, here’s the list of things which can help make your Winter Outfit edgy-

  1. Hunter Boots
    Hunter boots aren’t easily available in India. It would require a lot of Internet surfing and window shopping, though. They come in two different sizes, one is the tall and other one being the short boots. You can go for either matte or glossy finish according to your preferences. Any bright color boots would do the work to your basic winter day outfit.

    Hunter Boots

  2. A Statement Coat
    A lady must own at least one Statement Coat for Winters which also happens to be the right accessory to notch up your outfit making it more edgy and stylish. These come in various patterns and designs. Go for a fancy piece if you like experimenting, but make sure that you don’t waste it since they aren’t so pocket-friendly.Statement Coat

  3. Furry Scarf
    I recommend high-quality fur scarves as they are ultra soft and bouncy. You can distinguish between the high and the low-quality furs easily by touching them. I already feel like taking out this fur scarf from the picture and cuddle my face all over it. (sorry, if I sounded like a creep! 😛 )
    Furry Scarf

  4. Knee Leg Warmers
    I am already in love with these warmers from last winters. They are easy and you can buy as many colored or basic warmers you like and pair them with a pair of black boots. It would give a whole new outlook with every single piece.Knee Leg Warmers

  5. Headband Warmers
    The basic idea of a headband warmer is to protect your ears from the harsh weather outside.  This is useful and stylish at the same time. I am definitely looking forward to trying this one and will soon share pictures with all of you. 😉Headband Warmer

I hope it could be of any use to even one of you.
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