Grunging away with White Sneakers!

Shoes have been in talks for their versatility since forever. They have been used, modified and revamped according to the growing needs of the society. While they came in existence to protect and comfort the human foot, the present day world uses them as a decorative. Apart from their utility, which is paramount in any of the daily tasks we do, the selection of your shoes speaks volumes about your fashion sense.

From celebrities to the girl next door, there’s nobody who hasn’t had shoe-flu (or that’s what my brother calls it). There’s no reason I would be missing out on it.

Did you know that the word ‘sneakers’ came into existence because the rubber sole of the shoe allowed the wearer to sneak up on another person?

After the real struggle in my search for finding the perfect sneakers, I saw these babies in a Zara store and guess what? I picked them up from the Zara Kids section. Haha! I was fortunate enough that their biggest size just matched right with mine and this is how I brought my “perfect” pair home. 😉

I absolutely love the fact how one can use them to give off their style statement while not worrying about the comfort for once! Though my height has always been an issue when it comes to wearing shoes. I have a weird thing with myself that I look shorter and much heavier than how I actually am. Anyway, that would continue for this lifetime at least.

For today, I have paired my sneakers with  casuals to create a rough and grungy look. I have also tried to create an ombre effect with a combination of one of my favorite lip pencil and a lipstick.

This is an easy-to-create look and I  am sure you might have most of the pieces in your wardrobe already!  Also, do let me know in comments section below about your favorite sneakers and where did you get them from?


White Sneakers Trend

White Sneakers Trend

Shoe flu

White Sneakers Trend

White Sneakers Trend


Ripped Denim – Forever 21 (Rs.1700/-)

Grey Insider – H&M (Rs.800/-)

Black Lace Shirt – Sarojini Nagar (Rs.150/-)

Manchester United Bandana – Brother‘s Closet

White Sneakers – Zara (Rs. 2800/-)

Ombre Effect – Lip Pencil & Revlon Lipstick


I will be back soon! Till then, Stay tuned!



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