Best Treatment For Your Frizzy Hair

If you have been following me on social media for a while you will be aware that I am not the person who switches to treatments and rather keep it natural. But this time I decided to take a leap of faith and chose to get a Keratin treatment for my hair. And God knows I needed it!

I am sure all of us here are familiar with the Affinity chains of luxurious salons. From over the 60 stations they have, I took an appointment at the Faridabad branch. Like every first timer switching from natural remedies to hair treatments, I was a tiny bit hesitant.

Here I would like to give all you guys a tip: Always and always, each and every time make sure to check the products being used on your body or hair.

The products they used at the Salon belonged to GKhair, a luxury brand available only across luxury salons across the globe. A simple Keratin treatment could do a miracle of this kind, was beyond me; my hair feels amazing with reduced frizz, zero dryness, and the best part- NO hair fall.

Another thing I liked about GKhair was that one of its representatives was assisting me while my treatment was underway, informing me about the products used, its benefits on my hair and scalp and in general filling me in on the general information regarding their products. This was probably the best experience I could have hoped to have for my first time getting a treatment for my hair.

To be fair, the products are pretty pricey, but one cannot ignore the feel of it on my hair and the eventual results after the process. All the products from GKhair were lightweight and felt like luxury literally taking over my hair and scalp. Their formula for products in Keratin treatment use Juvexin which is “a keratin anti-aging protein blend”. Upon research, I found that GKhair is one of the only brands to harness Juvexin in its natural state and deliver it hair treatments the same way as well.

Going through their website, I found an array of other hair care products including color protect shampoo, their People Choice award winner Hair Serum, and a plethora of products to help with the general health of your hair.

This is natural as it can be, and has reassured me on the authenticity of their products. Of course, also the fact that I cannot keep myself from running my hands through my hair, which feel silky soft and looks so pretty. In a profession, where being constantly photographed comes as a requirement, having confidence in the quality of my hair has made me more confident about my appearance. GKhair products, therefore, are an absolute recommend from my side.

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Thank you to GKhair as well as Affinity Salon for being so hospitable and for the amazing service as well. You can check out their website to know more about their products. Looking forward to the next experience.


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