Tips and Tricks for a Happy and Safe Holi

F A M I L Y!

I wanted to share these tips & tricks a day before Holi so that everyone could read and apply these hacks before they begin enjoying the festival of colors. But unfortunately, because of so & so reasons that you guys will understand, I did not get the chance to.

The joy of spreading smiles through the day by exchanging colors and sweets is immeasurable. Just like a coin has two sides, the celebration of Holi also comes with the realization of how colors could screw up your skin and hair which you’ve been maintaining by spending on tons of products.
You never know what kind of colors people will be using on your face (at least in Delhi, you don’t). So be ready for the worst and hope that people use the best organic ones. But always remember, precaution is better than cure, everywhere. 😉
So, here are a few hacks that I’ve learned from my elders before stepping out to celebrate the festival.

  1. Always apply a decent amount of coconut/mustard oil (according to your preference) on your hair and body to prevent colors getting directly in contact with your skin. The oil acts as an intermediate layer which does not let the external dirt or chemical ruin your skin.
  2. Apply nail paint of a darker shade so that when you use a remover on your nails, the color automatically comes off with it. In case you don’t like colored nails for some reason or you’re a guy looking for some hacks, apply a transparent nail paint.
  3. You can rub vaseline/soap on the inside of your nails to prevent the sticking of colors on the corners of your nails as the color doesn’t go for days even after washing or getting a manicure. This might a sound little unorthodox but this was the go-to trick during my childhood. Remember that we do everything to take care of our skin. Make sure to give this a try this Holi.
  4. Wear layered and clothes that cover your skin as much as possible as your skin won’t be exposed much to the colors and it wouldn’t get problematic in washing the colors off once you’re done playing with them.
  5. Prefer tying your hair in a ponytail or a braid than letting them loose and open. This would also not let the colors reach every part of your hair and it would be easier for you to wash colors off. On top of it, you can also use bandanas to protect it more from the colors.
  6. Apply a good amount of vaseline to your forehead, the front and the backside of your neck as these are the most likely places people apply colors on.
  7. Wear something which houses a pocket inside it so you can keep a clean cloth and use it accordingly. If by some misfortune, your eyes get in contact with the colors, this is the one you would want to use for cleaning.
  8. Carry your chic look and protect your eyes by wearing a pair of sunglasses.
  9. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen after oiling your body as it would be sunny and you will have a lot of chemicals coming your way. Trust me on this and don’t skip it.

Happy Holi

Holi In India

Happy Holi

Happy Holi

Holi is indeed the most beautiful festival if people start realizing it’s true spirit.

How to protect your skin this holi

It is saddening to know that we are disfiguring one of the most important and celebrated festivals of our country by doing water wastage or using chemically treated and harmful colors which might be menacing to our skin.
I request each one of you to not kill the spirit of the festival and let’s all have a safe and colorful Holi.

How to protect your skin this holi


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Happy HOLI!


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