Hotels To Stay In Pondicherry

Thank you for the phenomenal response to my Pondicherry travel post. This one’s an extension of the previous post where I am going to be sharing three hotels which are pocket-friendly and you might just love the interiors and food and basically everything like I did.

Choosing a hotel can be a really tough situation when going on a trip and especially for a middle-class person like I. We want something which doesn’t burn a hole in our pocket and should be good enough to provide us basic amenities and MORE.
Let’s accept it, rich can afford the most expensive hotels and poor cannot even afford one.
We lie somewhere in the middle hoping to get the best facilities in huge discounts.
Are we the most greedy ones among the lot? Oh, yes!

Before starting with the list of hotels, let me tell you that every hotel I have booked on any of my trips till date is with Goibibo. This might look that I am promoting them but you guys can check for yourself how crazy are the discounts they offer and in all these years that’s the site I have found which offer hotels at the cheapest prices. Trust me, I am not getting paid to say this but I have been sharing this piece of information to literally everyone. 😉
This post was completely unplanned so I also didn’t click pictures during my stay and the ones you’ll find in this post are taken from various other sites which looked the most similar to my real life experience.

  1. Shenbaga Hotel & Convention Centre
    It’s a four- star luxury property located on the M.G. Road, which is one of the prime locations in Pondicherry. You’ll find the fanciest lobby, well spaced and equipped rooms with wifi facility available individually to every room. Although the Wifi wasn’t working initially and the fact that they took longer to work on our complaint made my experience a bit sour. Looking on the brighter side, I enjoyed their other services than checking out my phone all the time. We had an evening all to ourselves in their rooftop pool where we could almost see half of the Puducherry. At such a reasonable price, the breakfast was included which was yet another reason why we were happy and content. Their breakfast menu offered a variety of items to drool over. At last, I cannot think of any facility that wasn’t made available to us.

    Picture Courtesy-
    Price- Rs.2000-2800/night

  2. Le Chateau
    Chateau is a french word which means a manor house, or a country house of nobility. Located at the prime proximity to the best places in Pondicherry, the place has its own club which is open till 11:00 in the night. Since there’s no nightlife in Pondicherry, it is not much of a crowded place, which is why you can go relax and in the meantime, ask them to play your favorite songs. There’s no better place to stay than here to experience that french culture and surroundings which Pondicherry is known for. The hotel rooms are compact and classy with really fancy cheque flooring. There’s again a huge variety of food offered on the breakfast menu for both, vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Our stay was quite pleasant and comfortable.

    Picture Courtesy-, Oyo rooms,,, (from left to right)
    Price- Rs.1500-2500/night

  3. Treebo Red Lotus
    We were lucky enough to get a room booked for ourselves in this hotel. It was quite surprising for me to see how the hotel has charged so less for bed and breakfast, given we stayed in a well spacious room. The deal was probably the best we could have gotten in this budget. Every room had a color theme with an LED and other basic facilities. In comparison to the rooms, the bathrooms were quite compact. I was not disappointed with their housekeeping as they didn’t provide any service other than in the mornings, which is why we had to clean our rooms (not that I mind doing that).

    We spent two days at this hotel and the only thing that I got to know about their breakfast is that it was monotonous with servings of Idli Sambhar and Bread. Besides this, it was nearly a perfect experience for me and I wouldn’t regret spending this amount again for this hotel.

    Picture Courtesy-,,, (from left to right)
    Price- Rs.800-1200/night

Although the pictures aren’t clicked by me, but like I said, I have made sure that they looked just what it was during my stay. I hope this helps you in some or the other way.


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