How To Control Hairfall Instantly?

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to address the most talked-about problem, which is hair fall. At a point, I felt it’s something that only women face but I realize how wrong I was! I hardly meet anyone now who have strong and healthy hair that doesn’t break or fall.

I know how it feels when you see your hair getting weaker with each passing day. It makes you so helpless that you end up using every product available in the market to save your ass!

Recently I got myself a hair treatment, which is saving me already but I wanted to be sure as the monsoons are arriving and there’s no way I can afford to lose any more of my hair.

I was checking Amazon and frankly speaking, I’m pretty tired of changing shampoos and conditioners. I wanted to see available options in serum or anything of that sort to do the job. It’s then that I stumbled upon Fairfax Hair Energizer which is a 100% Herbal Formula made in Switzerland with no parabens, sulfates or any preservatives. What attracted me towards the product even after it, being a bit pricey was the line which said: “Reduces hair fall in 7 applications”. Usually, I don’t fall for these lines that are basically to promote the product but when it comes to my hair, I do get carried away sometimes. You can use the product by dropping 2-3 drops in the water when you’re done with your shampoo and conditioner and rinse it off with this herbal water. To be honest, it’s so easy that I don’t feel convinced this way. What I like to do is add the drops in the oil and apply it from my scalp to the tips and leave it on for 2 hours at least and then wash it off. It might be completely psychological but you can just see the difference in 2-3 wash and then go ahead with the complete bottle to see the best results.

It’s a tiny 5ml bottle that’s easy to carry around. I was pretty happy with the results that I’ve also asked my mom to use it and get fully convinced that it’s this little one who’s doing the job before suggesting it to you people.

I’d recommend it if any of you is going through extreme hair fall. I’ll also be sharing my mum’s view on the product through my Instagram Story. So, better stay tuned! 😉

Price- 1,199 INR

how to instantly control hair fallQuantity- 5mL

You guys can buy the product from here and save yourselves from hair fall. 😉



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