How to use Silk in your regular casual wear?

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Summers are already at its peak and I can’t really think of dressing fancy for running errands during this time.

I always prefer a pair of shorts over any piece of clothing. That’s comfortable and chic which is primarily my mantra of fashion. As stupid this might sound to you but I am crazy with handling ladylike clothes. Girls can surely relate to me if I say how difficult it is to keep the dupatta in place the entire time or to look after your skirt while sitting or walking down the stairs. Every other girl in this country or maybe the world is judged and misconstrued daily for such petty things.

Don’t, for even a second, think that I am affected by any kind of “sick mentality” of some in our society but shorts over skirts is my personal choice. If you’re a skirt person, of course, go ahead! The idea is to feel good and comfortable in any clothing that feels right to you.

Shorts are my happy place regardless of the fact that my thighs have always been heavy (sob sob). For summers, I put on a pair of shorts (if I am waxed, which you must know most of the times lazy girls aren’t) and apply sunscreen before heading out. This is one outfit I wore while I was in Pondicherry which is a place crazy hot and humid.

There are a few things you don’t realize until you have already fallen for it. One such thing for me is my new discovered love for Whites! As I’ve talked about the same in my other post most of the posts, I am every day falling an inch deeper for this color representing peace and tranquility. It already has the oh-so trending “asymmetrical bell sleeves” that I couldn’t have asked for a better piece in white.

The outfit is so easy to carry while giving cool vibes which was the primary reason I decided to add a bit of twist by wearing this bright pink potla bag. These are made of leftovers from silk sarees and are easily available at every nukkad (intersection) in Pondicherry at unbelievable prices. You don’t really have to visit Pondicherry (as if you were going to) to have one of these in your closet which can be easily made from an old saree (DIY always!). This gives a pop color to the outfit with a very Indian touch and at the same time looks ultra-modern.

You can look and feel good even by throwing the comfiest pieces together. Give it a twist by adding silk in the form of a scarf or a bag like this or maybe by just adding a pair of bright sneakers for your daily errands.


summer outfit ideas

summer outfit

summer OOTD


summer outfit ideas

summer OOTD


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