I am Winter – Ready!

Everyone in India and around the world eagerly awaits for this time of the year. The hustle bustle caused by the series of festivals in these last three months of the year is to watch for. I cannot vouch for other cities, but I know how cheerful Delhi feels like during this time every year.

Though the city got brutally polluted after Diwali and there’s still some discomfort in breathing. But that doesn’t change my love for the winters and I am sure that it’s not only I, who longs for winters, waiting to get ready in beautiful furry pieces to warm ourselves. I am sure my enthusiasm for winter and the fashion it brings to the table is shared by many out there.

Winter Season brings cozy bed time bundled with unlimited sleep that nobody wants to miss or break. And if it weren’t for my favorite set of clothings, I would be living the life of a Panda and would have glued myself to the bed for this complete season. The only reason why I even bother to stay awake in winter and go outside to attend events and gatherings is to  flaunt these clothings, which after reading will help you to enjoy our favorite time of the year. Let’s start with this list now.

  1. Ankle Length Boots

    Whether you choose to wear it with a pair of shorts and fishnet stockings, or with a pair of jeans, they immediately attract attention and are the eye candies when you sport your look. What are your thoughts on the shoes with a furry sweater dress? 😉 Is your heart whistling like mine? (Let me know in comments what you think of it)

    ankle length boots

  2. Suede And Leather

    Suedes and leather are a big thumbs up for the fall time. I am clearly obsessed with reds and ox-blood for winters! (Sorry but not so sorry!) You can pair this hot piece with a leather skirt or a pair of jeggings. Suedes and leather can work together really well. Don’t believe me? Check out below!Suede jacketSuede and Leather

  3. Chunky Sweater

    The word basically describes the sweaters which weigh more and are thick. These are the most comfortable piece of clothing of all and would look adorbs with a pair of boyfriend jeans and loafers. Eagerly waiting to get into one of these!Chunky SweaterChunky Sweater

  4. Pom Pom Caps

    People are raving about pom poms nowadays, and to be specific they are much in trend today! But how many of you guys remember this from your childhood? 😉Pom Poms Cap

  5. Knee High socks

    There should be at least a pair of black and a colored knee length socks in each person’s wardrobe. They give an illusion of taller and petite legs.knee-high-socks in burgundy
    knee high socks

    In case you do not have any of these in your wardrobe, you know what to buy when you head out on your next shopping spree! 😉

    Till then, Stay tuned!


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