Lace Up Tops And Culottes!

Every year, we see and experience different clothes trending in fashion and social media. There are so many things we get familiar with and so much which gets left behind. Do you also feel that we connect to a few things immediately and could not to some, no matter how hard we push ourselves towards it?

Today, I am going to talk about my much favorite lace up tops and oh-so-comfy culottes! I have literally survived summers in these two, and even if I haven’t, let me at least do so in my dreams. 😛

They have been ruling our wardrobe for all the right reasons, since the time they entered the market. Lace up tops are born sexy, and you can’t really consider them as just another piece of clothing in your closet. Right from the time they arrive in shopping bags, they make way to your closet in the special outing dresses section. Even if they aren’t star-studded or shimmery, the lace is just enough to speak for itself.

This quotation is in the back of my mind when I think about culottes.

“It’s comfort first,
comfort last,
comfort always!”

– Timothy Corrigan

I am sure you will agree to it when I say they are a better, more stylish form of a pajama. People with heavier thighs must give it a shot.

If wearing different clothes is an experience you cherish, I would rate culotte as one of the best of all times. This is particularly true for summers when you wish you could head out wearing nothing at all.

Initially, I had a few doubts myself that they would give an illusion of a shorter height than the actual (can’t afford any doubts with height! sob! ) since these are loose and short in length.
But ‘I don’t have the right height for a particular outfit’ reason is certainly not enough to stop me from trying something as comfortable as these.
So, if you’re struggling with your mind and the reason for snubbing culottes is your height, then I would suggest you to at least go for it with a pair of heels and come out confident as ever.

The one I am wearing here is a stitched piece by my mom. Check out the pictures below and let me know how would you pair your culottes?


Lace up tops and culottes

Lace up tops and culottes

Lace up tops and culottes

Lace up tops and culottes

Lace up tops and culottes

Lace up tops and culottes


Lace Up Top- Forever 21 (Rs.700/-)

Culottes- Stitched by Mom

Block Heels- Call It Spring (Rs.3000/-)

Earrings- Gifted (Flyrobe)

Lipstick- L’oreal


Stay tuned for more!



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