Layering On A Casual Winter Day

Hello to my Blog family!
Hope you’re keeping yourselves warm in these crazy winter days. I usually find people including myself wearing a basic jacket and a pair of denim without caring what people might think of our winter OOTDs.

But then there are days when I feel like getting dressed and up my fashion game with a bit of winter layering. It is warm, cozy and stylish at the same time.

Imagining life without colors seems bizarre to me. I keep on having these color thoughts every now and then! (Remember the post Color Splash) There are some shades of colors which could end up making the fabric look cheap and shoddy in the summertime because of the scorching heat but winters are a delight to watch both nudes and bold shine.

I have played with pastels today in the post keeping the outfit warm and peppy. I couldn’t think of covering up my legs since it was one of those sunny days in winters when you’re ready to dive and consume all the vitamin-D that you’ve been missing out because of the seasonal sun.

White shirt has always been a savior for me and the best one to elevate the look. I wore it to compliment my white sneakers and share easy vibes that the color has in itself. I am wearing a basic mint dress bought from Forever 21 with a cardigan on top. I have been an ardent fan of the brand for a long time now (which is evident from all of my posts), especially when it comes to summer clothing. You can look out for a flowy or a floral piece and you’ll get all of it in their stores.
I don’t restrict myself to florals or dresses for summers since I rather prefer to style them according to the current need of the season. In this outfit, I have chosen the cardigan which has polka dots, one of the patterns that I love to check out for my day outfits. They make it look more casual and can be easily used to make a blingy outfit look comfortable to the eyes in the daytime.


Winter OOTD

OOTD for winters

OOTD for winters

winter OOTD

OOTD for winters

Winter OOTD


Shirt- Local Shop (Rs.800/-) (Last seen here)

Dress- Forever 21 (Rs.800/-)

Cardigan- Van Heusen (Rs.1800 Approx.)

Pompom Hat- H&M (Rs.800/-)

White Sneakers- Zara (Rs.2200 Approx.) (Last seen here)


Hope you’ve enjoyed the look. I’ll be soon coming up with a post where I’ll be talking more about Polka Dots and ways you can carry them in the day and night time as well.

Till the, stay tuned!



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