Making shirts work for casual days!

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There were a few branded stores we used to visit while growing up. Not because we couldn’t afford it (at least I believe so ;)) rather my parents trusted only a few stores to spend their hard earned money on.

Cantabil was surely one of them for their quality fabric and affordable range. I had always seen my dad purchasing some formal wear from the stores and believed that the brand only served for the purpose of an office going.

It was recent that my idea of the brand changed when I got to visit the store and see for myself the range they have in casuals and women wear. I picked up a mustard color shirt which can be easily used for a workday of course but since my profession doesn’t ask me to wear formals all the time, I chose to work it the other way around.

There was a time when shirts were found only in a man’s closet. Time has changed and it’s also the time to make them work regardless of the purpose of the occasion. This is where the denim pajamas came in and gave this look a completely different dimension. I prefer folding my pajamas from the bottom and if you’re anywhere close to my height (basically short-height), you should definitely try this out to give an illusion of a taller self.

I chose to button up the half shirt and tied the remaining in a knot to give a much chiller vibes. The whole idea was to look casual yet classic.


Wearing Cantabil

How to make a formal shirt into informal use

How to pair a shirt

The Fabric Fad wearing Cantabil India

How to make a formal shirt work for informal use


Shirt- Cantabil

Trousers- Random Store At Sarojini Nagar

Pumps- The Label Life

Earrings- Karol Bagh Market


Okay guys! I’ll be back soon and Stay tuned for more!


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