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Hello, beauties!

I hope you’re doing fine and are satisfied with yourself as we bid goodbye to this year.
By the way, did I say SATISFIED? Are we ever satisfied with ourselves or anything we come across?

We are never content with our present lifestyle and are always on the lookout for opportunities that can improve upon our daily experiences. Apart from seeking betterment in leading a comfortable life, we often question the things we are naturally blessed with. Yes, I’m talking about things like our gender, skin complexion, etc. I remember myself cribbing when I had to get my ears pierced or deal with a lot of stuff which only a woman can better understand. Then, there was a phase when I used all sort of creams to have a fairer and glowing skin (though that’s in the past!).

I am going to review the products of a brand that wants you to feel comfortable in the best version of your own skin. To never let you think that your complexion is a criterion to let people decide if you’re beautiful or not. I am talking about MCaffeine, India’s first Energy Personal Care Brand from where I received these two products and here’s what I think after a week of trial-

  1. Bouncy Techno Caffeine Shampoo

    (My Hair Type- Dry, Long, and Heavy)

    It comes in a 150ml spray bottle where you’ll find the packaging quite functional. There are a lot of times especially during the change of seasons when we tend to fight with hair fall and this product can be a savior for those times. As the name suggests, it gives bounce to the hair making it look heavier and thicker.

    The coconut in it gives the nourishment and helps fight dandruff while the Vitamin E repairs the damaged follicles and enhance hair growth.  If you have a normal to an oily scalp as mentioned by the brand itself, you must know you’re up for something really good. Use the shampoo at least thrice a week for the best results. Though it felt much lighter and cleaner after the use, I wouldn’t recommend this for a dry scalp. It couldn’t give my hair the nourishment as much a dry scalp requires.
    The product is pretty amazing but didn’t work for my hair type.  I also found the product a little pricey according to the quantity that we’re provided with.

    Quantity – 150mL
    Price – Rs.429/- ( Click here to buy)
    Mcaffeine Bouncy Techno Caffeine Shampoo

2. Smooth Jazz Caffeine Body Butter

(My Skin Type- Dry to normal)

Winter is a troublesome time for my skin and it makes my skin look old and dull. Not only for me, but every person needs to give proper nourishment to their skin during this time of the year. Using body butter is a good way to revive your skin and proves to be better than lotions since they are composed of essential oils and butter that keeps your skin hydrated for a much longer duration.

I received this baby a while ago and since then my skin feels so much better. This little jar can go a long long way, trust me! You can apply this right after your regular baths when your skin isn’t completely dried or before you go to bed to let the butter do the rest for you while you’re asleep. It is paraben free and has a soft mild fragrance which I am completely in love with! Do give this a shot and I promise this will be your go-to product for winters in no-time. 😉

Quantity- 50gm
Price- Rs.399/- (Click here to buy)

Mcaffeine Smooth Jazz Caffeine Body Butter

Click here
to check out their website and other amazing caffeine products.

Coming up with more reviews. Till then, stay tuned!


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