Monsoon Love

Monsoon has arrived! Isn’t it heartwarming to see kids all drenched up yet enjoying in the rain?  I remember myself as the one jumping and splashing water from little potholes at my friends and then laughing insanely at them. (or maybe myself, I don’t really remember 😛 )

There was a time when happiness was playing Mario or getting a candy from a teacher for doing well at school. They say it right, time changes everything. It takes away our innocence, makes us more materialistic than ever. We aren’t half as satisfied compared to our time back as kids even after owning all the possible luxuries in life. Letting go of our insecurities and things which hold us back is what I feel, is the key to finding the path of true happiness.

Monsoons were the best time of the year,for me.(Yes, WERE!) But as we grow up, we feel it sucks and the rain we seemed to enjoy makes us feel irritated!!  Now, we have to worry about our hair, makeup, and how it could ruin our day leaving us stuck at home doing nothing. But I got to relive those days, without caring how people would react to my no-makeup look, or weighed down hair or how stupid I could look jumping in the rain. Childhood memories were truly the best, which is why I have tried to recreate the moments and take you down the memory lane on my blog.

This was just another day of my shoot and it started drizzling the moment we stepped out. Yet we decided to continue hoping the drizzles would stop. My  sister (my photographer, you could say!) suggested me to do a post on Monsoons. Though I didn’t agree with her at once, but I somehow knew it was worth trying!

Denim is a part of everyone’s wardrobe throughout the year. Here, I have picked a denim skirt which I bought from Sarojini Nagar a while ago. It is definitely one of the most interesting local markets in Delhi. They have a huge collection of Denims , the reason why you can easily get confused and end up buying the wrong stuff. I have paired it with a white full-sleeve t-shirt and tied a knot in the front to make it look like a crop top. You can wear this outfit with a pair of white sneakers and a  quirky bag. Make sure to always go for light prints in summers.


Monsoon in india

Monsoon in india

Monsoon in india

Monsoon india

Monsoon in indiaMonsoon in india


monsoon in india


Butterfly Print White Sneakers

monsoon in india

Polka Dot Backpack


Skirt – Sarojini Nagar (Rs.250/-)

T-shirt- Sarojini Nagar (Rs.100/-)

Backpack- Koovs

Shoes- Koovs



Stay tuned!



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