Must-Haves For This Spring!

The transition from winters to summers or vice versa are the most beautiful times of the year. They’re also the seasons when you’re most likely to fall sick but that doesn’t change the fact that the weather becomes pleasant and dressing up becomes easy and fun.

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

Ain’t the quote beautifully written and appropriately represents what Springs are. The blossoming of flowers, the chirping of birds. There is a vibrancy in the environment that you feel everything around you speaks about “Living, Loving & Growing”. Colors look more vibrant than ever.

But it’s moreover like the calm before the storm and you would only understand this if you have experienced summers in Delhi.

Starting with the Spring Staples-

  • Darker shades take a back seat while the bright shades and floral patterns are the ultimate picks of this season. Know that these pieces can never go out of fashion for the reason that they complement the beauty of the Spring and will continue do so every year. This also makes them the essentials to have in your closet for this season.12088089_1087649754578610_8355830177375320705_n
  • Indulge yourself in a lot of layering. You may never know whether the weather changes in your favor or not but you’ll always have an option to take off the layers if it isn’t that cold.IMG_0818-Recovered copy
    Credits- TFF Layering On A Casual Day

    Others include-

  • White pants- White is the classic color of the season. Pair it with any floral top or light colored fabric and you can see how beautifully the pattern will come out making you look ready for the Spring.13813657_1269697596373824_6284584783718082521_n (1)
  • Maxi Dress- Maxi Dresses are so comfortable that you would really feel like wearing it all day and night. Choose a flowy fabric for the maxi dress instead of a thick one. It can easily be worn for a day outing to a night party by adding just a few accessories to it. Choose the right patterns according to your height as not all the patterns suit people with shorter height. Let me know in the comments section below if you would like me to write a post on the type of patterns and how to wear them for your height and body shape.1039298_157330

  • Radiant Scarves- This takes your look to a completely different level. You can pair up a vibrant color scarf to your basics when you’re in no mood of dressing up. That scarf can drastically change the look and give the outfit the fresh vibes.u60a9528
    Credits- TFF Fancy Stripes

  • Lightweight jacket/ Trench coat- Due to the fact that Spring is an unpredictable season, it makes a light weight jacket an essential piece to be in your wardrobe for the season. You might feel really hot at one point and on the other, it can turn windy and cold. Carry a lightweight jacket with you to keep yourself on a safer side.
    Also, I’ll be sharing a look with the same in one of my next two posts.

Till the, Stay tuned!




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