My Experience With Woo App

Gone are the times when marriages were proposed by parents and blindly accepted by their children.
Gone are the times when “dating” was an alien word.
Gone are the times when people said, “a girl and a boy can never be friends”! 

This is the new generation, wilder than never before! Today is the time when parents ask their daughters to handle her matrimonial account herself, where a girl has more guy friends than probably the sum of all the girlfriends she had in her entire lifetime. A time when without a few months of “dating”, one cannot decide whether that person is the right one to get in a “relationship” with. (Yes, marriage is indeed a long procedure today! )

India has experienced a lot of changes in the last decade. New matrimonial websites and dating applications entered and went by! 

Just in case, you’re new to this “dating” thing, let me introduce you to an ongoing trend with a user-friendly app by the name “Woo- Dating for Singles“.  Well, if I go by the name, I am totally wooed by the fact how it has all the possible features to recognize and get the right matches for you. There are lots and lots of options for you to choose (oh ya! I am talking about boys and girls 😛 ) who’re seeking friendships or a love affair. 

Though I am still an old-fashioned girl when it comes to making friends or dating online. But I don’t find any harm to try and know how does it work for you as an individual.

My experience with the Woo App was a flattering one. I usually don’t fall for someone at first sight which is why I could hardly respond with a heart (which means Crush, if you speak the Woo language). What I liked the best about the application is its tag attribute. It helps you search people with the same attributes and preferences, which in turn increases the possibility of a fine conversation with someone who has a complimenting taste. I believe there is a checklist in the back of our minds when we choose to label a person attractive. This checklist varies from individual to individual and keeping this in mind the application is carefully crafted to reduce the wastage and rather spend the time on a potential match.

The Woo dating App

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. And I was happy enough I could add 9k words approximately through this picturesque.

The Woo Dating App

And if you want to be updated on all the people who’ve visited and liked your profile, you can unlock these features by buying ‘Woo Plus’. Seeing who’s interested in you & having absolutely no limit on the number of profile you can like each day with no advertisements! Well, isn’t it a great deal? I am going to right away convert my account to a Woo Plus account!

The Woo Dating App

This is literally a morale-boosting feature where we get to see the number of people who have chosen us as their crush.

Tell me if I am the lucky one! 😉

The Woo Dating App

None of it matters if one doesn’t get to know, talk to the person individually. So, giving you a feature to interact is the best possible to find the right match for yourself in a crowd.

The Woo Dating App

You can also download the app by clicking the tab below and enjoy it as much as I did-

Woo- Dating For Singles

Stay tuned!


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