My Pastel picks for the season!

“Blouses are only supposed to be worn with sarees”. If you go by this sentence, clearly you’re going to change your mindset after reading this blog post. Today’s fashion isn’t about sticking to orthodox methods, rather it’s about experimenting and digging out the best one from the lot to match our creative souls.

We often expect a particular piece to be worn in a certain way. We are into this digitized/ modern world but when it comes to changing our habits or busting these baseless notions, we quite lack the execution. I am also aware that change isn’t an overnight process and it’s not that I always leave my comfortable space for anything new. I have been struggling with the habits I learned over this 22-year period to accept that CHANGE is the only constant in our lives. I don’t regret trying things which could have worked wonders for me. Instead, I am on a journey to discover my own mantra & unlearn the things that were taught to me

I know I am going a little off-beat but the major point is to try and find the best possible outcome for yourself. Be it with the clothes or your LIFE!

I am wearing my mom’s blouse which is nearly 18years old in a western avatar for the season. Nothing to be really surprised of, remember MOMs are superwomen! They can do almost anything which has even the slightest of a possibility. The color of this blouse is to die for but what makes it even more attractive is the intricate silver thread detailing all over the place. It’s fresh, subtle and can never go out of fashion.

During summers, we always prefer to wear flowy and light materials so it doesn’t stick to our body and make us sweat. I decided to pair up a floral pajama which is so light that wearing it for a day out to sleeping in this comfy pair is a dream. For a more solid and not so beachy look, I opted for a pair of gray boots. I have also added each earring of two pairs on both the sides to create a statement look otherwise it would have looked understated. You can add more mixed matched earrings to get a statement piece whenever you require one!

In any case, you don’t find the perfect statement earring, add two or three pairs to make one and don your incredible creation which is like super easy and a two second DIY!


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Blouse- Mom’s Closet

Bottoms- Sarojini Nagar (Rs.150/-)

Boots- Call It Spring (Rs.4500/- Approx.)

Earrings- Stitched By Mom (Rs.150/-)


Stay tuned!



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