Obsession over lipsticks!

“Love raised me, lipstick saved me.”

Of course​, true beauty comes from within. Lipsticks just add a little pizzazz!

Hello, everyone!
I hope you all are doing great in life. It was heartwarming to see such a nice response to my first blog post. This post goes out to my love for lip colors.

I have always been a fan of lipsticks, and I don’t even realize how could they act like angels and brighten your face in a second. Diamonds might be girls best friend. But lipsticks are the absolute soul sister!
Everyone seems to be crushing on nudes, this summer. And, why not! There are plenty of shades of nudes and pastels to fall in love with!
So out of all, I have come up with my two favorites of 2016.

My first pick would be Matte Mehr from Mac.
This lip shade is a must-have if you don’t like wearing chatak-matak (what we Indians refer to as bright shades) in the daytime and would rather go for something subtle. And hey! it looks good  on every skin tone, and works well for every occasion, be it your regular visits to the local grocery store or to a lunch date. Needless to say, the packaging of Mac lipsticks are just adorable and nothing can compare to the happiness of having that little black beauty in your makeup kit. The brand name is inscribed on both, its cap and the lower portion of the lipstick. The only thing I don’t appreciate about this piece is it doesn’t stay for long, which I do expect considering its price. It can also dry up your lips a little so don’t forget to apply a moisturizer beforehand.

Lipstick dayLipstick Day

Matte Mehr By Mac – 1490 INR


My second pick would be from Revlon’s new collection of Ultra HD matte Lipcolors. They’ve launched a new collection in colors worth drooling for, and their tagline is what best defines them. #loveIsOn

If you’re bored with those same pinks and nudes and want to try something different, HD Flirtation is definitely the one for you. It would look the best on medium to fair skin tones. This is not a usual pink (more in the shade of neon pink), which is perfect for the ones who love experimenting and playing with colors. This stays for around 4-6 hours easily, making the lip shade worth its price. It’s packaging is little different from the others, it comes in a solid long rectangular glass tube, with  a silver colored cap! The best thing is the fact that its color gets better with each passing hour and it has an amazing fruity smell that will probably make you want to lick and eat all that up!  Thumbs-up to this beauty!

Lipstick DayLipstick Day

HD Flirtation by Revlon– 1190 INR

Picture Courtesy: Ruchika Basera


I’ve tried keeping it short this time. In case, you want me to publish longer posts, do comment below. 😛

And remember, Life is too short to wear bad lipsticks. 😉

Stay tuned.


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