One Stop Solution To Plan Your Dream Wedding

We have grown up playing wedding games and faking wedding vows for our plastic dolls since childhood. It feels surreal thinking that someday the game that I played will become real and I will have to live my entire life by it.

A wedding is a grand affair, especially in India. Just the way we want our life partner to be perfect, we also desire to make our grand day more fun, dreamy and personalized. An exemplary wedding is every person’s dream and why not! It’s not every day that we get to marry and have extravagant ceremonies (present generation could be an exception though!).

Past week, I came across an online portal called Shaadiwish. The name is quite the apposite as it provides all the doable services needed to turn a dream wedding into reality. You literally have to convey your ideas and relax and see your fairy tale wedding come alive. From catering to event planning, from couture to jewelry, it’s panacea for all wedding woes.

Here are some services that will help you in relieving the stress you might go through while planning the wedding.

Event Planners

RELAX! It’s your day, don’t give yourself or your parents the burden of running around to check if everything’s set and in place. Sit back while they arrange the best wedding planners and manage everything according to your needs.


Salon Services & Couture

What’s a wedding without the alluring makeup and a lot of shopping! They seem to have taken care of this as well. They assist you with some ace makeup artists from your town and options for you to get the best wedding couture.


Wedding planners

Photographers & Videographers

This is the most difficult task of all. It doesn’t matter whether you’re obsessed with taking pictures or not, it’s your wedding day! There’s gotta be some excitement about the pictures and videos. Wouldn’t you want to show your generations to come how beautiful you guys looked and share with them some major #weddingGoals?

Wedding Photography & Videography


The ambiance plays a vital role in deciding the feel of the ceremonies. The venue and the decorations should be personalized and should reflect the mood of both the families. Some prefer a lively and colorful location and others might prefer an elegant theme based venue.

Venues for Weddings


Last but not the least, FOOD! In the end, nothing counts but the choice of food as more than 90% of the guests is the crowd that comes to have a gala time for free dinners and performances.

Wedding Caterers

They have got your back so worry no more! and appreciate every bit of your day because- Darling! WEDDING is a one time affair.

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