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A Must-Read If You’re Planning To Go To Pondicherry

Of all the posts that I have written so far, this is the one I am most excited to share with all of you. It would be the first travel post on my blog and like I said in an earlier post, this year would certainly feature many of my travel experiences.

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Embracing Pastels!

Hi Guys!

The past two weeks were by far one of the craziest ones! I traveled to South India, which is one of my least explored parts of our country.

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Must-Haves For This Spring!

The transition from winters to summers or vice versa are the most beautiful times of the year. They’re also the seasons when you’re most likely to fall sick but that doesn’t change the fact that the weather becomes pleasant and dressing up becomes easy and fun.

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Tips and Tricks for a Happy and Safe Holi

F A M I L Y!

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Just A Little- Reema Sarin

300 Words- 1 Minute

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D.O.P.E. Fashion


I wasn’t feeling well since the past few days. Every time when the weather changes, it is inevitable for me to fall sick. Luckily, this shoot was done in a fine weather and I didn’t have to carry tissues or hop washrooms to take care of my running rose every now and then.

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Current Obsessions In A Frame!

Hey everyone!
I hope everything’s good and peaceful in your lives, unlike mine.

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Sneak peek of my love for Shoes!

“Give a girl the right shoes.
And she can conquer the world”
– Marilyn Monroe

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Here’s the best Valentine Outfit Idea Just For You

Hi guys!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish you all the love and happiness in your respective relationships.

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