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What is Obesity? How VLCC is helping to fight it?

All of us in the present generation are well aware of the word ‘obese’. Many of us face this health hazard and live with the consequences daily. ‘Obesity’ is defined by WHO as “abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health.” The recent years have seen an alarming growth in obesity and obesity-related issues worldwide.

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Travel Tips That Might Help You While Packing For Your Next Vacation

Going for a trip is a recreational activity where we get to spend some time with ourselves and discover our new sides. When it comes to packing, months of anticipation or even a spontaneous trip keeps us on our toes. 

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Na-kd Haul

Hey guys, I know it has been a while, but I am back with a new blog and you are going to love this.
Winters are an absolute favorite when it comes to new trends and newer styles, and I, for one, am an absolute junkie when it comes to trying out new looks and trends.

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Best Place To Live In Delhi

The capital of India and the second most populated city, Delhi, has become extremely congested. And besides all this information, not all the areas can offer you a comfortable living.

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Simple ways to transform formals to a party outfit

How many times has it been that you are due to attend an event right after work, or even want to party after a long hard day? Imagine the mood kill it will be when you discover that even though you are workplace appropriate, the look just does not qualify for a party…
Been there? Felt that?

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Tidbits That Impressed Me This Year

Fashion blogger, DIY: Make up tutorials, aquarium nails, Kylie Lip Kits, printed suits, cold shoulder apparels.

If you understood what any of the above terms mean, you were paying attention in 2k17.

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Making shirts work for casual days!

Hi Guys!

There were a few branded stores we used to visit while growing up. Not because we couldn’t afford it (at least I believe so ;)) rather my parents trusted only a few stores to spend their hard earned money on.

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6 Accessories that are ruling in 2017 in India

Accessories have been and will continue to remain a crucial part of dressing up. We tend to look out for them to add that extra sass to the outfit or even to tone down some of the looks with some delicate pieces.

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Reading this will change how you look at those basic pieces in your wardrobe.


This is a long due post where I was literally dying to put the pictures on my social media. We shot this look several months back but for some reason, didn’t get enough time to publish it.

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