Pamper your face!!


Not always comes the white walkers along!

On that note, one can at least see Jon Snow fighting the dead¬†with his eight packs. I know Jon has a tough situation ahead of him in winters but don’t you think ours is even worse with the dry skin, chapped lips and no snow. ūüôĀ

Without talking much about GOT, let’s get talking about our kind of winters. At this time of the year, the skin tends to lose moisture with the dropping levels of humidity in the air which makes it dry and flaky. Our face is the most sensitive area of our body and it’s also the one which is highly exposed to the external factors that cause some serious acne problems. Hence, some extra care is much needed to ensure that our face doesn’t look dull or over-matured.

Following are two of my most cherished products of all times to pamper myself after being exposed to the sun and dirt-

  1. Fuscia By Vkare Blush Face Mask- Rose And Calamine
    It’s my most favored product not only because of its tremendous properties but also for the fact that it smells divine. I get so carried away by the fragrance sometimes that I tend to ignore how it is actually working for me. At the same time, I get highly disappointed with the products which have an enticing smell but their formula isn’t really satisfying.You’re in for a treat while this mask rests on your face for those 15minutes. The packaging of white and pink goes just right with its content. This one is blush pink in color which leaves your skin with a velvety smooth texture and helps in flattening the skin tone. It’s handmade, paraben, cruelty-free and natural which is why it causes absolutely no irritation to the eyes.Fuscia Blush Face Mask ReviewQuantity-Not mentioned
    Price- Rs.450/- (Click here to buy)

  2. Alanna Naturally Beautiful- Choco Nutty Lip Scrub
    It’s a mixture of cocoa butter, chocolate essence, and coconut oil, that removes the dead skin off your lips. Products containing the hint of cocoa make¬†me go weak at the knees.¬†It has the most amazing packaging with plastic glass and a golden cap on top. Scrubbing your lips with a lip scrub is as much important as scrubbing your face. It helps in faster circulation of blood making the lips brighter and pink. Cocoa butter in the scrub¬†helps in healing chapped lips and preventing dryness by keeping the skin nourished. This helped really well in removing the dead cells and making my skin even. Don’t be too harsh on your skin and don’t forget to apply¬†a good quality lip balm right after.¬†This is my first ever lip scrub and after all the damage has been made, I realize its importance now. Had I been more caring, the outer sides of my lips wouldn’t ever have turned black in the first place.Alanna Naturally Beautiful- Choco Nutty Lip Scrub ReviewQuantity- 8gms
    Price- Rs.150/- (Click here to buy)

Hope you enjoyed the post. I’ll be back soon!

Till then, Stay tuned!


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