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Hey guys!

I want to start this post by apologizing for being away for quite a long time. This is the most occupying time of the year with all the festivals and parties but honestly, I was busy traveling and lazing around.

Before going away for my leisure break, I received a package from Qtrove which is a platform that provides access to more than 3000 products in 40 categories. The products are naturally produced by small entrepreneurs from across the country, all curated by Qtrove professionals.

Here’s what I got-

  1. Rustic Art Organic Aloe Vera Gel
    The ancient Egyptians have termed Aloe Vera as the “Plant of Immortality” and since then, people have been using the gel extracted from the plant for curing various skin diseases. The one I had ordered came in a plastic glass jar wherein the ingredients are Aloe Vera, lemon extracts and the natural preservatives of TCLS which has anti-oxidant properties. The gel feels refreshing on the skin and can be used for providing moisture as well. It also fights acne and skin burns, and can also be used as an aftershave gel or to heal baby nappy rashes. The gel has a strong aloe vera fragrance to it, but there is no added color to it. The quantity is fair according to the price and the gel can be used on a regular basis to treat your skin naturally for a healthier and glowing one.Quantity- 100gms
    Price- Rs 200/- (Click here to buy)Rustic Art Organic Aloe Vera Gel Review

  2. Areev Fig & Vanilla Lip Balm
    This comes in a really pretty wooden box which is convenient to carry around. It is hand-processed with cocoa butter and the natural flavors of fig and vanilla. The balm is a thick cream base with minute granules that are sticky which is why I do not prefer to use it in daytime when I have to eat or drink water which could make it more sticky and problematic for me. I usually use this one before sleep and it works wonders at night making my lips soft and moisturized by the time I wake up in the morning. It has a mild vanilla fragrance which is definitely a plus for me since I do not like strong or products with no fragrance.Weight- 10gm
    Price- Rs.280/- (Click here to buy)Areev Fig & Vanilla Lip Balm Review

  3. Areev Cocoa Cream Body Wash
    This piece is a 300 ml plastic container with a wooden opener attached to the lid which looks fancy from the outside. Though the quality isn’t great as it fell apart after two to three uses from the actual lid.
    The product is a thick jelly-like orange liquid which has to be used in a good quantity so it lathers. The best thing about the product is its fresh cocoa smell which is so refreshing in the morning and stays for quite some time even after. It’s best for dry skin and does give a smooth texture after the wash waking up every single pore of your skin. Also, it’s free from phosphates, sulphates, paraben and is color safe. I wouldn’t think even once before restocking this one so that’s a thumbs up for me.Quantity-300ml
    Price- Rs.450/- (Click here to buy)Areev Cocoa Cream Body Wash Review

    With the beginning of 2017, here’s wishing all of you good health and prosperity.
    Stay tuned!


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