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Getting your hands on the opportunities and trying out products from various brands in the market is a bliss. It gives me just another reason to love my work even more.

Skin care is an essential part and not many understand it at the right age. For instance, in past years, I wasn’t that person who cared to nourish their skin or give the attention it needed. After realizing the effects of my choices, I am clearly not so proud of it.

I look for brands which are more natural and sensitive in their approach. Skin Elements is a recently launched brand available exclusively on Amazon. The products from their caffeine range are packed in a 200 mL bottle with a pump which certainly averts wastage. People have been going crazy over caffeine for a long time now and for all the right reasons.
Caffeine is exceptionally fine for our human skin and hair. It triggers hair growth preventing baldness and even improving the quality. When applied to the skin, it repairs sun burns and tightens the skin making it more fresh and alive.
I have collaborated with various brands but not many of them have managed to impress me with both the quality and the packaging. Scroll down to read more on how the brand has put together caffeine and other gentle ingredients to give us a fine experience.

Skin elements caffeine range review

Caffeine Body Lotion

My Skin Type- Dry
There’re plenty of products we use to make our face look soft and flawless but we tend to ignore our body. Our body needs an equal amount of attention so it doesn’t wrinkle with age and lasts longer in a healthy condition. This lotion has African shea and cocoa butter which provides the much-needed moisture and nourishment for a long period of time. My skin is dry and it still manages to sustain for about 3 to 4 hours making it feel light and soft. It is made with 100% mineral oils and is cruelty-free. This can be an absolute savior while packing for travels. It’s an SPF 15 which provides protection against sunburns and keeps the skin hydrated throughout.

Quantity- 200 mL
Price- 404 INR
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Caffeine Shampoo

My Hair Type- Dry and Wavy
Since my kind of hair texture needs a lot of nourishment to keep it frizz free and not let it damage, I prefer to use shampoos which are high in minerals and oils. The more you get into chemicals, the more you’re likely to experience hair fall. This shampoo provides sulfate free cleansing and just so you know, sulfates are the reason why shampoos turn into a thick lather which not only makes your hair frizzy but also prone to breakage. It has almond and argan oil which gives nourishment to the hair while restoring the shine and strength. For the ones looking for a bounce to their hair, this shampoo can do wonders. The caffeine in it stimulates the hair growth and volume while reducing the hair loss to a huge extent.

Quantity- 200 mL
Price- 359 INR
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Caffeine Body Wash

Saving the best for the last! This gel-based wash is the only one you’d want to use and go back to over and over again. With its mild fruity fragrance which is subtle yet so refreshing makes it my favorite pick among the lot. A little of the product goes a long way. I have been using it regularly for 15 days now and two pumps do a pretty good job for one use. The product is made in the Himalayas and is 100% SLS, Paraben, and cruelty-free. It contains argan and almond oil which provides Vitamin E and minerals to the skin making it soft and supple. It also has a good amount of shea butter in it which is by far, one of the best cure for people suffering from dry skin. This wash will leave your skin feeling mushy and revitalized after one use itself.

Quantity- 200 mL
Price- Rs. 359 INR
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Hope this helped you guys in some way. I’ll be back soon!

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