Review – Inglot Freedom System Eyebrow Powder

Make your eyebrows!!
Inglot Freedom System – Brow Powder in the shade Dark Brown

Brows are the most neglected part of a beginner’s makeup routine, but trust me, you get obsessed once you start using it. It becomes as important as putting lipsticks on. (Yes! You heard it right, I said LIPSTICKS).

A while back, I didn’t have a clue that brows could be such an integral part of the makeup and how they needed our attention. They give definition to the face, notching up our beauty game to the next level. You can pick up a brow pencil or powder with a nice eyebrow brush (a tilted one) according to your convenience and comfort. For a beginner, it might be confusing as there are a lot of eyebrow shades available in the market. To make it simple, I advise you to match the powder to the color of your hair. This trick would always help you in choosing the right shade. My hair color is a mix of brown with black tones, which is why I chose the Dark Brown color in the Inglot range. This doesn’t come with a palette and a brush, so you have to get these individually which will cost you a little more.

+ You can carry the palette easily without worrying about the color tray inside.
+The palette is a one time expense, and you can change or refill the color trays according to your need.
+It doesn’t smudge at all and I am saying this from my personal experience.
+The powder is highly pigmented (of supreme quality and bright with color), so you can easily fill your eyebrows like a pro!
+It gives a natural finish to the brows.
+There are a variety of colors and shades for you to choose for yourself.
+In the long run, this will easily last a year and stays on for more than 6-7 hours on the usual days.

– It is a little pricey if you go for the brush, a color tray, and the palette altogether.(nothing would work without even one of these)
-The quantity is more as compared to the shelf life.

Inglot Freedom System Eyebrow Powder ReviewInglot IndiaInglot Freedom System Eyebrow Powder Review

PRICE (Approx.)

Powder Refill- Rs.500/-
Brush- Rs.1100/-
Pallette- Rs.600/-

P.S. – You can also get two shades for your eyebrows according to the color and money you want to invest. Head to my Instagram account to see how does it actually look on the eyebrows once you apply it. Do give this product a try, and I am sure you guys will love it.

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