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Semi-Formals With Quirk!

A confident woman needs no rules in Fashion! She is here to create own for herself.

Since the time I have been involved in doing shoots for my blog, it has made me realize that there are  (literally speaking) no rules to dress up.

You neither have to follow someone else’s fashion style nor need to go with the choices of other people on what would make you look good on any given day. (Though, suggestions won’t harm at all. Okay? 😛 )
Wear something which you feel comfortable in, keeping in mind your body type and strengths. This is the sort of advice that would help you every time since there are certain types of clothing which might look good on one and not on the other.

Our dress sense talks a lot about our personality. Dare to be different, but not at the price of being considered a clown! Know yourself, and know if you can carry what you’re wearing.
Here, I have tried to incorporate this look with a lot of boldness in it. I chose plain black trousers and a black spaghetti with a printed jacket to give it a semi-formal appearance. The Jacket is from The Quirk Box, a brand well-known for its quirky prints (kind of obvious) and their out of the box designs. I paired the outfit with a statement necklace which has thick spikes on it making the look go from simple to bold. I have used a see-through clutch which is definitely a head-turner with a face made on it.

Haven’t we always thought of mixing Indian and western clothing? But have you ever thought of using a bindi with a formal look? Okay! That to a red one? 😛
Yep! I have demonstrated this combination in the pictures below. And trust me it isn’t as scary as we thought it could be!

I wanted a bold yet feminine look, which is why I have applied a red classic lipstick and braided my hair in the front while tied all the remaining parts in a ponytail. I prefer to wear block heels over the pointed ones these days most importantly because it can never go out of style and comfort at the same time. I have finished the look by wearing an ombre shade glasses which gives a stylish finish to this.
Isn’t this a perfect outfit when you want your clothes to speak louder than your words? 😉


The Quirk Box
Picture Courtesy- Ruchika Basera

The Quirk BoxPicture CourtesyShekhar Rawat

The Quirk Box
Picture Courtesy- Ruchika Basera

The Quirk Box
Picture Courtesy- Ruchika Basera

Semi-Formal Look
Picture CourtesyShekhar Rawat

Semi-Formal Look
Picture Courtesy- Ruchika Basera


Printed Jacket- The Quirk Box / Flyrobe

Trousers- Zara (Rs. 2990/-)

Heels- The Label Life (Rs 1880 Approx. On Sale!)

See Through Sling- Flyrobe

Necklace- Flyrobe

Glasses- Call It Spring (Rs. 1000 Approx.)

Lipstick- Revlon HD Passion (Rs.1195)

Hope you liked the post, and there’s a lot more in store for you guys!

I’ll be back soon. 😉

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Till then Stay tuned!



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