Shine With Metallics!

Can I start by cribbing that I don’t own anything “highly” metallic and how badly I want to see at least one of this kind in my wardrobe soon! Metallics have taken the market by storm and why not!

They have been in trend on and off since the 80’s. But this year we got to witness the other side of the coin. The fabric which was particularly used for night parties has now been a head turner for the daytime as well. Fashion is primarily about experimenting and this is the reason it catches most of our attention. It gives us the space to explore and bring out our creative sides, to mix and match two completely different style and create something of our own.

Metallics could be paired with anything casual to bring down the shine and glamor quotient in order to make it a daytime outfit. It can also, if required, add jazz to any of your casual outfits when all you wish for is minimal dressing. Needless to say, not every person can carry off the metallics on a day out. You have to be either bold enough or just walk down the safe lane that you’ve always been choosing by wearing it in the night. The choice is yours!

It isn’t easy when you mix two different shades of metallics as it can cause more blunders than wonders. Both the colors need to come out equal and one shouldn’t be louder than the other as this could give a mismatched look.

Here are some of the pieces I would like to get my hands on (only if I could) –

How to wear metallics

How to wear metallics

How to wear metallics

christian louboutin ankle boots metallic gold

How to wear metallics

burberry metallicsHow to wear metallics

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