Simple ways to transform formals to a party outfit

How many times has it been that you are due to attend an event right after work, or even want to party after a long hard day? Imagine the mood kill it will be when you discover that even though you are workplace appropriate, the look just does not qualify for a party…
Been there? Felt that?

In this blog, I bring to tips and tricks to transform your office wear to party appropriate in easy steps without the hassle of change.

  1. Change your hair-do.
    It is as simple as that! If you had left your tresses flowing, tie it up in a high pony or braid it along the side. The angles of the face become sharper and more defined when your hair is pulled up and change your look.
    Had your hair been tied, let it free, run a brush through it, and in mere seconds you are ready.
  2. Define your lipstick.
    Not just touching your lipstick up, apply a darker or lighter color, as per as your mood. My last blog post talks about a nude and red lipstick as a staple in your make up bag, and stand firmly by the view. Opt for daring choices, like ombre lips or a lip color you would generally not wear.
  3. Little changes to the outfit.
    Generally, office wear is all about tucked shirts, tailored pants, and pencil skirts. Working on that assumption, first of all, untuck your shirt, tie it up in a knot in the middle or your side, depending on what works best for you. It adds an edge to your whole look and takes you from prim and proper to edgy and daring. Add a jacket or tie the shirt up to bare your midriff, if you are comfortable.
  4. Makeup or not.
    Depending on your outfit, or the amount of changes you wish to make, completely reverse your make up, that is, if you had all the war paints in place, opt for a no make-up look or play with only one of your facial features, be it a new eye look, a lips only look or going crazy with the highlighter.
  5. Accessories are your best friend.
    It is impossible for me to stop emphasizing what a change in accessories can do to your whole look. Swap your work-appropriate jewelry for chunkier pieces, or add a heavier more attention seeking piece to take the limelight of your outfit, if you were unable to change or alter your make up.
    My current favorite obsessions happen to be silk scarfs, and I use them in different ways to change my look all the time. In fact, my next blog is about how I style my silk scarfs.
    I hope these tips and tricks prove useful to you the next time you are required to change your look on the go. Have fun, experiment and most importantly enjoy doing it.


work outfit ideas

formals to a night outfit

semi-formals for the night

semi-formals for the night

transformation of formals to party outfit


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