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I hope everyone’s doing great and working on their new year resolutions already. I haven’t really set a lot of resolutions this year but the major ones on my mind include making myself physically a better being and to protect my skin as much as possible.

I wasn’t really a skin care person until I started to notice myself closely in those DSLR shots. Trust me, your heart breaks into a million pieces when you see the dryness on your skin, every single pore clearly visible while you’re supposed to look the prettiest thing on the planet. So, I have been pampering my skin for some time now but it isn’t easy to find the best while the market is full of different kind of products.

Recently, I got my hands on a few things from Plum. I already had a good image of the brand in mind since I have been hearing the best things about them and gladly they haven’t disappointed me. At all!
Let’s quickly get into the details. 😉

  1. E-luminence Deep Moisturizing CremePrice- Rs.575/-
    It’s a heavy glass jar prettily packed in pink and white. Enriched with Vitamin E, kokum butter, essential oils & extracts, this creme gives as much possible hydration and nourishment to the skin in winters. This deep moisturizing creme does not feel heavy or oily on the skin at all.
    As mentioned, it’s best for a normal to a very dry skin, giving your skin the attention it needs during this time of the year. The quality is worth appreciating and also did I mention it’s paraben and silicone free.
    I suffer from major dryness in winters and my skin tends to lose all the oils which make it look dull and boring. This has been my go-to day creme for two weeks now and I myself have experienced the difference. I will highly recommend this product to all of you if you have a problematic skin for winters.

    Quantity- 50ml
    Price- Rs.575
    (Click here to buy)Plum Goodness E-luminence Deep Moisturizing Creme Review

  2. NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal & Flip-Tip Sharpener
    To be honest, I left using kohl kajal after trying almost all the well-known brands a few years ago. My two major concerns with kohl kajal have always been that unsatisfied finishing and the color it gives once applied on the eyes. I have personally observed that majorly all the brands have come up with the formula for smudge proof and waterproof products while neglecting the quality.
    But since every single person who has used this is raving about the product, I couldn’t keep my hands off this kohl kajal. The pencil is bright purple in color and super convenient to carry around. You can use it as a kohl or an eyeliner, any which way you like. This glides well on the skin giving you a smooth texture as an eyeliner. I’ve been waiting for the perfect black since my childhood days and this might just be the nearest because of its color and the finish. This beauty is a must try if you’re up for using kohl on a regular basis like most of the girls out there. Initially, you might find the product a little expensive but once you start using it, I know it’ll be worth it. 😉

    Price (for combo)- Rs.499/-
    Price (for Kohl)- Rs.425/-
    Price (for sharpener)- Rs.150/-
    (Click here to buy)NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal & Flip-Tip Sharpener ReviewPrice- Rs.499/-

I am absolutely in love with the products and if you haven’t tried the brand yet, trust me you’re missing out something really good in life. Oh, yes!

Will come up with more reviews soon. Till then Stay tuned!


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