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The Body Shop is well known for their natural organic beauty products which are available for both men and women. I have tried their strawberry collection, and absolutely love the fragrance and flavor for the obvious reason of my love for strawberries! This was my first attempt with their Satsuma range. Satsuma is a citrus fruit of Chinese origin which looks and smells almost like an orange, except the fact that it is a bit smaller and is seedless. Coming back to the review. šŸ˜‰

Body wash

This is a 250ml bottle which will easily go on for two months. It feels light and glides on the skin moisturizing it and making it soft. This lathers well if you use a loofah, so you don’t really need to use a lot of the product at once. The fragrance is mild and fruity, which is why the product is a big YES for me. The same body wash can also be found in a smaller pack, which you can eventually use on a trial basis, and then maybe switch on to the bigger bottle if you like (which you will do).

The Body Shop

Body Lotion

The one shown in the picture below is a 250mL jar, which I have been using for a month as of now. As I said above, the fragrance is sweet and mild and will keep you smelling for more. Because of my love for the brand, I bought them at once, but wouldn’t really buy the body lotion again. I have noticed a few times that the product gives a sticky impression whenever applied to the body. Since my skin is dry, so it doesn’t fulfill my requisites of a fine body lotion. It doesn’t properly moisturize my skin, in fact, it leaves the skin dry a few minutes after.

The Body Shop

However, I would ask you to check them out in smaller packs, for both the body wash and lotion are available in the stores.

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