The Darker Side

I, like most of the girls out there prefer to wear light colors and florals. Choosing a color to wear is not something random, it is often a reflection of your personality or your mood at the moment.

Just as light colors brighten up your mood and keep you in a happy and blessed place, dark colors draw your imagination to the miseries of your life, the times when you feel like running away to an entirely different universe and reboot your life in an alternate fashion. Life’s a mixture of both the happy and sad, blessing and affliction, approval and denial, bright and dark. We tend to run away from the horrors of our lives and always try to find ourselves in a happy place.

At times, we need to embrace our insecurities and accept the miseries that we run from. Facing your darker side will  make you strong, and lead you to true happiness. This post is an attempt to embrace and recognize our darker sides.

Hence, this post is different from my usual-happy-feelings posts. I have attempted a more dramatic look with a perfect winged liner and an ox blood lip color. The best thing about this look is that you can get it easily without spending much money on it. Some might already have the accessories in their closets to create this look, and for the rest, you can find it anywhere at a reasonable price. I have paired my brick red color dress with a black shrug which has tassels at both the arm’s sides. Accessories are must to notch up the level of the look, which is why I have taken a beaded leather sling and put across a green colored belt to make the color pop out. You can see how beautiful the green looks with the dark colors on the base. And to complement the color on the belt, I wore a green embroidered “paduka” which I bought a few years back. Any rusted silver jewelry would do justice if you don’t have the kind of earrings or anklets which I am wearing in these pictures.

This look is raw and sexy, only if you can carry it properly. Fashion is not only visiting a mall and getting the most expensive clothes, and jewellery. It’s more about mixing and trying the looks until you get it down perfect.

Here are the pictures, and do let me know if you guys liked it. 😉


Dramatic lookDetails of the outfit
Necklace as a headband


Dress- Random Stall At Dwarka Sector-6 (Rs.150/-)

Shrug- Sarojini Market (Rs.200/-)

Belt- Sarojini Market (Rs.25/-)

Footwear- (Rs.200/-)

Sling Bag- Sarojini Market (Rs.350/-)

Anklet- Mussoorie (Rs.300/-)

Lipstick- Mac Matte Diva 02 (Rs.1450/-)


Stay tuned!


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