The Fabric Fad in Mussoorie

Things You Might Have Never Experienced In Mussoorie

Choosing between the sweltering Delhi heat and a call from the Queen of hills was a no-brainer, especially when being invited by Sterling Mussoorie to experience a weekend in the hills.

Sterling Holidays offer the best possible services across India and the globe for all those who want to travel and explore. They have managed 29 resorts across India over a span of 30 years. I speak from experience when I say, it was a trip full of surprises. Of course, the curious traveler that I am, googling the Sterling Mussoorie resort was a treat to the eyes. I was excited, to say the least, to accept the invitation by the Sterling Group.

Nothing beats the feel of the mountain air and the fresh breathable natural beauty that is Mussoorie. The Sterling Mussoorie resort was to be our abode for the next two days. It’s 3 km away from Mall Road which basically served the main purpose of traveling that was to stay as far as possible from the noisy and crowded streets.
The rooms were spacious, well-lit that had the quality of putting one’s mind at ease. A typical Indian traveler thing to do is check out the balcony and the view. Greenery all around and the crisp air that refreshed me head to toe, Mussoorie for sure lived up to its expectations.

Of course, leaving the luxury of the hotel rooms was a must and trust me, it was a small price to pay for the exploring we did. I have always been someone who is inclined towards knowing the roots of a place, to intimately know the cuisine and culture, explore the place via its people and the desire to know Mussoorie was the same. A native of Uttarakhand myself, this whole trip was a refreshment of childhood memories for me personally. All of it was made convenient and very easy by Sterling, as they were hands-on with their approach and helped us by fixing a local guide to take us around the city.

We’ve all been to the famous Mall Road, the Christ church, the lovely Tibetan Market- Kalasang- with its gorgeous artifacts. But trekking all the way up to the ‘spooky’ Lambi Dehar Mines was new and one of my favorites of the trip. They also arranged an evening with their in-house activities like cycling around the beautiful landscapes of Mussoorie and Zip Lining through the lush green resort.  I am glad to say that experiences planned and chaperoned by Sterling Group were worth every second of it.


Coming to the cuisine, we were flooded with options, all thanks to the Sterling group. The thought that impressed me the most was when they served Garhwali cuisine on our last night. The whole vibe of the place, from the mountains to the night sky combined with the food was something beyond words.

Unfortunately, the trip had to end, but I can assure you this was the most relaxed weekend one could possibly have at such short notice. All details were taken care of, and there were no problems at any given moment. I’d definitely rate this as a five-star experience starting from the food to the interiors to every bit of our travels.

Keep Travelling and exploring!


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